Procrastination: Craig

Craig Jones
Mortgage Business
Austin, TX

I set up an appointment with Laura to work on getting the motivation and desire to make the phone calls that I needed to make to be successful in my business. I'd been dealing with this problem for about six months. Every time that I thought about making a business call I felt apprehensive and nervous and didn't want to pick up the phone. I would try to force myself to make the calls but it wasn't very effective because I would usually just go do something else. From time to time, I would make some calls, but I often wouldn't do it at all. Instead, I ended up playing video games, checking my email, getting on the internet, and basically do anything that I could to avoid picking up the phone.

My fear was preventing me from making new contacts in my business and keeping me from earning any money. I was always worried about paying rent and covering my basic needs instead of being able to think about anything else. I couldn't go out and do things, buy the things that I wanted, and participate in the activities that I wanted to take part in. I sometimes felt out of control because I was so irritated with myself that I couldn't do what I was supposed to do.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Craigslist. I didn't have any qualms about using hypnosis because I'd had a psychology professor in college who was really into hypnosis and had done some class demonstrations, so I had an idea of what it would be like. I started to notice changes a couple of days after I met with Laura. The first thing that I noticed was that I felt more relaxed and able to perform this part of my job. There wasn't the barrier there anymore and it was easy for me to pick up the phone. The anxiety was gone and the more practice that I got, the more natural it felt to make the calls without feeling nervous.

Now, I'm able to do it with more confidence. Originally, I was making anywhere from 0-5, maybe 10 calls if I was having a good day. Now I make between 15 and 20 calls every day and I'm able to do the things that I want to do.

The best thing about using hypnosis for me is the change in my attitude, I feel calm and relaxed and have the confidence that comes along with that. I would definitely recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome an anxiety or a phobia because it's helped me a lot.

Procrastination: Alicia

University Professor
Austin, TX

I've had problems with organization and procrastination all my life. I've always over committed and had a hard time saying no to things. In the past, I've tried to change by reading self-help books. I'd get off to a great start, clean my office, and then it would just be back to the same mess; simply reading about organization was not enough for me.

My lack of order and unrealistic expectations have kept me constantly running, struggling and having to make excuses for not being on time or ready when I said that I would be. It's a pattern that's always been there. I can remember even in high school feeling over committed and overwhelmed. It's very anxiety-producing and it would minimize the amount of time that I have for myself. It's kept me anxious and irritates the dickens out of my husband.

I'd thought about counseling as an approach, but my experience has been that counselors are often looking for a deep rooted trauma or issue and I think I'm a very healthy person whose time was just out of control. I was looking for a way to get things done quickly and thought that hypnosis might be an approach that would work for me. I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on the internet. After our initial visit, I liked Laura's style. She was directive but in a way that didn't pressure me to come up with answers, instead asking me to reflect on my own behavior.

I feel more in control now because I have a way of looking at things and working on doing something about my situation. That's the biggest factor, making the effort and having support to do it. It's given me a greater sense of control and focus and I feel less stress. I've also noticed that I'm using the word ìrealisticallyî more often and that has helped me greatly.

My desk is still clear and I'm cleaning it regularly. I make notes about things that I need to get done and I'm doing a better job at keeping my calendar current. I know what I'm supposed to be doing and there's satisfaction in crossing things off my list. It's easier to find things because I'm filing consistently. It feels good to be able to grab a folder and run and open the folder and have what I need. I have a real sense of relief now.

The best thing for me has been knowing that I have to control my behavior and that the answer is within my power. People can't force me to be responsible, timely, and punctual. It is my choice when it comes to developing a pattern of different behaviors. I would definitely recommend Laura's services because she is very pragmatic and direct in terms of dealing with the issues, so I've never felt like I'm wasting time getting to the issues. I'm now confident that I can do this and I've made so much progress already that I feel certain of future success.

Procrastination: Larry

Larry Davis
Austin, TX
Physical Therapist Assistant

I am working towards becoming a professional working actor and for the last three years I've had trouble staying motivated to practice and do the work necessary to get the level of success that I want. You have to hold yourself accountable for doing the work and I wasn't doing that. I've tried to read books about motivation and they can be helpful, but when you're trying to reprogram your brain and change behaviors, it requires more help than that. I wanted to be more confident, comfortable and have stronger memorization skills. I wasn't booking as many jobs as I wanted to book and I knew that there were so many factors that can throw you out of booking a job and I didn't want to give anyone a reason to say no.

I saw a flyer at People's Pharmacy for A New Day Hypnosis and decided to call. After my first appointment, the change was pretty immediate for me. I noticed that things would pop into my mind at certain times that helped me remember what I'd been working on and processing. It helps to know that I'm working towards something and that's given me more confidence and helped me become more proactive. Things are moving in the right direction for me now. I'm more focused and more accountable to myself. I'm working on all the aspects that I'm weaker in so that I feel good about what I'm bringing to the table. I'm doing my homework and I feel a lot more prepared. When you're prepared, good things will happen.

I feel more in control because I have more of a structure for what needs to be done. I feel more confident because I'm doing my work and I'm doing it better. I have a more organized scheduled and this has helped me to study, do my work, and remember the importance of what I'm doing. When I do that I'm more confident and relaxed. Even if I don't book a job, I'm always improving myself and feeling better about my abilities.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone that is open to hypnosis because it's been really helpful for me. It's a good service. I think that almost anyone could benefit from this type of work and I really believe in it. Whether someone wants to work on acting, relieving stress, or stopping smoking, there are so many ways that it can be beneficial. It's all about reprogramming your mind to be more conscious of the things that you want to be more conscious of. I'm achieving a higher level of professionalism and I have the level of commitment and dedication that I need to achieve my goals.