Other: Curtis

Curtis Gardner (study skills)
Round Rock, TX

I've had problems with my grades for the last two years. It was bad because I was barely passing my classes. I had a negative outlook on my ability with grades and school. It made me feel insecure and I didn't have a lot of confidence in myself. It was difficult for me to study, do homework, and learn anything when I was at school. I was worried about my future and afraid that I wasn't going to be successful in life. I felt like I couldn't control the things that I was doing. I would be sitting there and listening, but not learning anything. I wasn't paying attention and I couldn't make myself focus.

I tried talking to my teachers and asking how they could help me take notes better. I asked counselors at school for advice, but it didn't help me at all and it usually made it harder for me because I didn't believe in myself.

My mom looked up A New Day Hypnosis on the internet and scheduled my first appointment. When she first told me about it, it was a little weird, but then I got used to the idea. I figured that it was a new thing to try, why not try it? After the first session, I was taking more notes and doing my homework. I noticed that I was also paying more attention in class.

Now it's easier to study, do class work, take notes, and get my homework done. I feel more confident and believe in myself that I can do this stuff. I've improved a lot and I'm able to focus on things easier now and I feel more calm and relaxed about school.

The most important thing that I've gotten from this experience is good grades. Before I came to see Laura I was either failing or barely passing my classes. I had a lot of Cs and one failing grade and last grade report was all As and Bs. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it's helpful and gave me confidence in myself and believing that I can do it. Now I have the information I needed so that I so that I can do my best in school. Laura gave me the support to get up and go and do the things that I needed to do.

Other: Fred

Fred Ballard (insomnia)
Home Builder
Dripping Springs, TX

I've had problems with sleep for the last two years. Sometimes I took a couple of Benadryl to sleep and once a guy let me have a Lunesta to try and sleep, I'm against taking medication, but thought I'd try it anyway. It didn't work and I still woke up without being able to go back to sleep.

I've tried meditating on my own and I couldn't settle down. Not getting enough sleep was really impacting my life; I would get tired and couldn't think through issues. I was frustrated and really short-tempered with myself. I got really irritated at 5:30 in the morning when I'd been up for two hours and couldn't go back to sleep, I just felt something was out of control. I always felt kind of cranky and really tired and it showed. At one point, I was trying to stick a bunch of folders in a brief case and they just kept getting hung up, so I ended up throwing the whole thing on the floor.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis online. I'd done hypnosis before for stress and similar issues, so I thought I would try it again. I noticed that she had a good rating and I felt comfortable on the phone. I've noticed that my health in general is 100% better. It's been pretty easy. At first, I was consciously letting my instincts take over and allowed my tendencies to be overridden. I noticed that when I woke up in the middle of the night I could put myself back to sleep.

Being able to get eight hours of sleep instead of four has really improved things. I've had joint problems in the past and now my joints feel fine, which is pretty amazing. I can deal with stress from my job easily and I'm not getting distracted and frustrated. I also notice that I have a lot more energy. Now if I wake up, I'll go back to sleep. I've been sleeping pretty much through the night and I feel more confident.

After we took care of my sleeping problems, we did some work on my beliefs about abundance. I'd always been taught that I shouldn't expect to have wealth and part of what we worked on was feeling deserving of it. I'm starting to make a lot of money and because of the messages I'd been taught growing up, I was feeling guilty about it. I felt uncomfortable about taking a trip or getting a new car and now I've been able to let go of that. There has been a very basic, deep down change in my attitude and sense of deserving and confidence and I notice the way that it plays out in everything that I do.

I realize now that everything is going to work out and if it doesn't, I'll work it out. There's no sense in worrying about it in the middle of the night or trying to figure out what I'm going to do tomorrow when it's four in the morning.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it worked for me. The concept of hypnosis is valid and the person implementing it has to have something more than just training. Laura is very empathic and good at what she does. I'm confident about my abilities and I know that there's a unifying force out there that wants us to become the people we were created to be. The only way not to get there is to sabotage ourselves. Through hypnosis you can reconnect with your goals and remind yourself that it's all there for you. Believing in that and removing my obstacles has given me the confidence to know that this is permanent.

Other: Michelle

Michelle (study skills)
Austin, TX

I've had bad study skills since high school, but I was still able to do well and my problem didn't start to really affect me until I got college. I noticed that I was susceptible to all the distractions around me. I would get frustrated and overwhelmed. I lost focus easily and just gave up. It was making me sad because I knew that I wouldn't be able to reach my goals and make the grades that I needed to get accepted into grad school. I felt very negative and very much like I wasn't reaching my full potential. I knew I could do better, but I just wasn't there. I felt like I couldn't do what I needed to do on my own. Half of the hours that I had spent studying were wasted on day dreaming and drifting. I tried to identify the problem myself and fix it, but I couldn't do it.

I decided that I needed help, so when I saw a flyer for A New Day Hypnosis at UT, I called to schedule an appointment. My understanding of hypnosis is that it is the power of suggestion, so I thought it might help me.

I noticed results immediately because my concentration was a lot better. I didn't realize how out of focus that I had been and from that point on everything seemed to start falling into place. I was able to identify things that I was doing and notice when I started to drift off or lose focus. When I learned to focus more, it was easy to absorb more information and really learn.

I'm staying in the now and sticking with it. I'm dealing with my stress better and I'm saying no to people and distractions more often. It's been pretty easy to buckle down and just do it. I realize now that I need to take things one thing at a time. I'm more focused and organized and I feel more in control. I also notice that my concentration is much better.

I would recommend Laura's services to anyone who wants to improve their study skills because she personalizes it and takes individual experiences and limitations and works with them. I really feel like she understands my situation. I'm now really confident that I have some big-time tools to help me overcome this. I am going to continue to limit my distractions and I know that I can do it because I'm staying so focused and determined.

Other: Roberto

Roberto F. (alcohol cessation)
Austin, TX

I originally came to see Laura because of the recurring drinking that has been an issue for me in the last six or seven years. I was typically drinking 2-3 glasses of wine every other day. I felt a little bit out of control because it was easier for me to give into my urges than not. It was a gratification when I was happy and it was a help when I was unhappy or stressed. I wasn't drinking enough to cause family issues or emotional or psychological problems. It was mainly physical; my body felt very drained. The sulfites in red wine are really hard on your body and when I drank, it took a lot of energy the next morning to get back into gear. My most productive hours are typically the early morning and I was losing them because of my fatigue. I tried to go cold turkey with drinking. It would kind of work for a week, but I would invariably get back into my routine by the next week.

I got a referral to A New Day Hypnosis from a colleague and decided to call. I noticed results within a week of my first appointment. It has been very easy. I firmly believe that your beliefs create your daily reality and hypnosis just reinforces that so it was a natural compliment. I feel more confident on a personal level because I have been able to change behaviors and be in control.

It has been easier to control my alcohol consumption and I've noticed that I have more energy in the mornings and I have gotten back that productive time. I can choose when I want to drink for the right reasons. When I do drink, on special occasions or a date night, I enjoy it more and it feels like a treat.

In addition to the drinking issues, there were certain things that I was getting stuck on that I wanted to work on. I was interested in changing some of my beliefs. I wanted to understand what blockages needed to be removed for me to become unstuck and tap into certain strengths that I hadn't tapped into in many years. A long time ago I tried traditional therapy to work on this and it was ineffective. I would just talk, but didn't take any action to resolve the problems. It was kind of a one way street and it didn't help me change my behaviors or get to the root of what was causing them.

With the help of hypnosis, I'm making changes and different decisions with my businesses. I work with a professional coach and she has noticed that I am much more in touch with my intuition. I'm making certain decisions that might seem completely insane, but end up resulting in these really huge breakthroughs. I'm not following common knowledge or what would be "sensible" and in my business, that is absolutely essential for success. My intuition is smarter than I am and when I am able to tap into that more frequently I avoid stepping into potholes and I am able to open certain doors that I never could have opened by myself.

The most important benefit for me has been the help in reconnecting with certain inner strengths. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to manage their inner beliefs and become more aware of these internal influences. Taking action to listen to the "right" influences and ignoring the ones that are wrong has been very helpful. I feel confident because I know that I will work on this regularly. It's like everything; you have to keep on it. I've gone through the big "service and repairs" and eventually, I will have to change the oil again. Because I plan to do this regularly, I know I will avoid the big issues in the future.

Other: Rita

Rita Stearns
Accountant (anger management)
Round Rock, TX

I was overreacting to constructive criticism. At times, I would be overwhelmed by emotion and would react inappropriately and be angry with people for no apparent reason. I had a feeling that people were out to get me. for the last year or so. The anxiety that I was feeling was that I wasn't going to get everything done, I wasn't going to get things done correctly or that I was going to make some horrible mistake. My husband has always told me that I'm the "worrier" in the family. I couldn't turn it off in my brain and I would worry.

I noticed that I wasn't getting quite as anxious. Even my husband has noticed that I'm calmer and I'm not as anxious. It must have been a big improvement because my boss has commented on it. we were talking about a situation that had happened at work and she was proud of the fact that I was doing something about my problem and she noticed that I was much calmer and much happier. I'm sleeping better and I have more energy. I feel better.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on citysearch. I read the testimonials. There were so many people that said that Laura had helped them understand what was going on and she was able to help them stop.. there was a man on Dr. Oz that he had recommended for people to stop smoking. This hypnotist was there to help a group of people with weight loss and he was mentioning how well this worked for people, so I thought I could try it for my problem.

I was a little bit resistant at first, but the more times that I listened to the cds and really thought about our discussions. I could see that it was going to work and that it was a better way.

Trying to do something on my own and it doesn't work, my brain just kept going around in the same circles. I could talk to people and get their suggestions, but when I was overwhelmed with emotions, I wasn't thinking to take deep breaths or count to 100 in the moment.

I didn't know that there was a way to overcome my emotional outbursts. I thought it was my personality and that was why I was so defensive about the criticism. I internalized that behavior as something I couldn't change and that was making me a horrible person.

My boss was telling me that I was being disruptive to the department. She was worried that it would effect the reputation in the department and I didn't want to let her down because she is a great boss.

I wasn't sleeping well at night. My son has said that I don't go out and drink as often. I was able to quit smoking as well and that was the biggest bonus. Being able to eliminate the stress. Tomorrow it will be five weeks.

Sometimes I felt out of control. When people questioned how I was doing my job or pointing out that I had made an error or trying to hurry me up to get something done, people rushing me. it made me feel anxious. That fight or flight symptom, I couldn't control the flood of chemicals and I couldn't prevent that from happening.

I feel more in control. Especially at work, I don't get wound up when I have a lot to do. I just steadily work through whatever I'm doing. I am able to do things. I don't get upset with people even though they were calling me and interrupting me while I try to get this done. I didn't get anxious about anything and it didn't phase me. I am able to appreciate coworkers and show them. I can compliment people.

I feel more confident because I know that I can do everything I need to do and not panic. When I'm not overwhelmed by adrenaline I can stay calm. I know that I can do that now. the most important thing for me has been accomplishing what I needed to accomplish. To be calmer and handle whatever comes without being worried. It's subconscious now, the stuff that comes up doesn't bother me. I am able to see what I can do about things. I can brush things off. I am able to have a healthy perspective on things. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it has worked for me and it has really helped me a lot. I am confident that I can do this. in the situations at work, that is where most of my stress comes from. When I maintain a calm demeanor at work, nothing else is going to matter. I've noticed that I'm a lot calmer when I drive. It really has helped me

Other: Celeste

Celeste Simons (anger management)
Austin, TX

I've had a problem with high levels of anxiety and irritation over the last several years. I have chronic pain related to autoimmune disease and it made it difficult for me to keep my positive thoughts in the forefront. The negativity fed back into the pain and everything else. Over the past few years, I've tended to just kind of keep to myself and isolate from friends. I was getting very grumpy with my family and I was not treating them very well. I wanted to be a good mother and wife, but my attitude was impacting things, the kids were fighting with each other a lot and we weren't very organized. There's the saying, "When Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and I think that's very true when it came to my family. I would wake up in the morning and tell myself that I was going to have a good attitude and I just couldn't do it. I was so angry and irritable that it didn't take much to set me off and I felt really out of control.

I have tried a lot of prayer and private meditation, but a part of me was just really overwhelmed with fear and anxiety that I would be stuck like this forever. I have always had a strong spiritual life, but over time I had become very isolated because I had lost support from my faith community. I have been to many counselors and a lot of them seemed to want to justify my feelings and thoughts and that's great, but I didn't want to continue to feel like this, empathy was not what I needed; I needed a kick in the butt to get over the hurdle.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Google. I've never done hypnosis before and I didn't know what it was going to be like, so I had some concerns. I wondered if it was really going to be very useful to me. I know that there are a lot of people who do stage hypnosis and I wasn't interested in that. I didn't want to go to someone who was just playing around with it and I wanted to be sure I was really working with a more practical application of hypnosis. I liked Laura's perspective. She seemed more realistic, down to earth and reasonable than the other hypnosis sites that I looked at.

I could tell a difference in my level of control after the first session. I was able to recognize when I was starting to get negative and I had more awareness. I felt more in control of my situation and I started taking better care of myself. It has been an incremental change, it builds on itself and I notice that things get a little bit easier every time. I've been able to take more positive steps to push harder with my doctors and get a better diagnosis. I feel a lot better physically and that has been very positive. I definitely have more energy and I sleep better at night.

My husband and my kids have noticed that I'm more positive and easier to get along with. A lot of my friends have noticed that I'm more personable lately. For the most part, I'm spending more time with friends and I have more to talk about than just how bad I feel. I no longer feel obligated to respond to other people when they pick at me. I can do things at my own pace and I can say no, which makes me a lot happier. I feel more confident in general. I can set boundaries and parent my kids clearly. It's been a lot easier to help my kids become more responsible. I feel more comfortable with myself and I know that I'm doing the right thing.

The most important benefits that I've received have been increased confidence and learning how to set boundaries. These were really the crux of the negativity, frustration and anger. When I wasn't able to set boundaries, I was angry with myself and angry with whomever I stepped over the line for. I wanted people to recognize my contributions and I was resentful when they didn't.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome feelings of negativity. It's great to be able to understand the root of my behaviors and talk it through in a positive way. Figuring out where it came from has been key for me and having the reinforcement has really helped. The hypnosis helped to strengthen my beliefs and pull it forward and I am confident that I can stay on the right track.

Procrastination: Bud

Bud C. 
Austin, TX

I've had an inability to focus on completing a very important project for the last four months. I felt overwhelmed because I couldn't get things squared away. I was stopping to do other things and feeling like I was on a treadmill that was never getting anywhere. I was continually doing the same thing over and over again with no progression. I would work on my project and then put it aside for a week and come back, which made things sporadic. I got off focus with irrelevant things like deciding that it was time to wash the dishes, or refinish a table, or give the dog a bath, or work in the garden. I was frustrated that I just couldn't seem to stay on task.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on citysearch. I really thought that I could benefit from hypnosis because I know that we can accomplish a lot through our subconscious. I noticed after the first session that my mind was better focused and clearer on my objective. I was able to prioritize what I was doing and organize it into a step by step plan.

My clearer focus allows me to take my day in sections and do the tasks that I need to do. I'm better at planning and prioritizing and I feel more in control because I set the schedule for my day and notice that I am sticking with it. I can put blinders on to the other distractions that are going on around me and just stay with the project.

What I really enjoy about the process is that it's not something that I think about in the moment, it happens when I look back on the day and realize everything that has changed in my behaviors. I feel more confident because I have a plan and a more positive outlook. The mountains to overcome don't seem so overwhelming.

For me, it has really come down to thinking about what is truly important in my life and just sticking with that. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who has problems with procrastination because it works. I've found that getting a good perspective has been beneficial and I am confident that if I continue to do what I am doing today, I will get to my goal.

Procrastination: Ian

Ian L. 
Austin, TX

I've had problems with procrastination for the last eleven years and I really felt that I couldn't follow through with my bigger goals. It was disconcerting; I tried reading books to overcome the procrastination and get motivated and I couldn't even get to the end of the book. I was always worrying about not getting things done and not being able to change. I didn't have motivation to do what I wanted and I felt stuck.

I was getting very frustrated with myself because I knew that I wanted much more than I had with my career and I was doing nothing about it, which was really starting to get me down. Periodically, I thought about my long term goals and went over them in my mind again and again. I would think and think about what I wanted and then not do it and that was a drain. It had become disappointing and depressing for me.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Citysearch. I recognized that I had an issue that I couldn't get past and this was the time to do it. I'm not an outgoing person and it was hard walking in the first time, but Laura made the process easy for me.

After the first session, I noticed that I could focus on the steps to a goal instead of just looking at the big picture or the end product. I felt more relaxed and I was able to just think about what's next and not worry about getting all the way to the end. It's been easier to remind myself about what I am trying to do. Also, having an outlet and someone who can give good guidance has made a world of difference for me.

I feel more confident. I've done basic things that I had thought about doing, but never took the initiative to do before. The tiniest steps in the right direction have made the biggest difference for me. I am doing more than I've done before and I'm very impressed with how much I've accomplished already.

The most important benefit for me has been not worrying about things and not having the issues with procrastination. It's really nice to chat about my ideas and leave feeling like these things have been explored. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because Laura is very good at what she does. She asks pertinent questions and follows pertinent paths and that has benefited me. She has really helped me to get to the root of my own thoughts and feelings and come up with solutions.

I'm seeing very clearly what I want to do and that's a big relief and a big weight off. I see what is ahead and I know that I can get there because of all the progress that I've already made and the steps that I've taken up to now.

Procrastination: Christina

HR & Singer/Songwriter
Austin, TX

I've suffered from a lack of motivation for most of my adult life, but it's been really building for the last eight years. I didn't know where to start and I didn't know where to look to get started. I am a perfectionist and I get overwhelmed, so I just didn't want to bother with trying anything that might be too difficult. Time was passing by me so fast and I was just staying in the same spot. I wasn't accomplishing anything or setting goals and I was procrastinating to the nth degree. I wasn't happy and it was spreading like a disease.

I tried exercising to feel happier, but I never stuck with it, so I wasn't that successful. When I read through self-help books, I had a negative attitude and thought 'Yeah right', never finishing any of them. I was completely unfulfilled and unhappy. I was a miserable person and I was digging my own grave because I was stuck in a routine and I was getting comfortable but wasn't happy about where I was. I felt out of control, it was almost like time had control of my life. Whatever was going to happen was just going to happen. I just existed instead of being alive. I wasn't pursuing aspirations wholeheartedly; I was just pointing and saying 'I want' I wish', but not doing anything.

I was eaten up by my insecurity and kept going into my little shell. I had a lot of options, but I couldn't pick something. I felt like a spinning compass and I didn't know what to do. I was on a downward spiral and I noticed that it was affecting the people around me and I knew I had to do something about it.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Citysearch. Hypnosis was something that really interested me and all the reviewers sounded excited, so I thought it might work. After the first session, I noticed immediately that I had a great night's sleep. I was just happier in general and had a lot more energy. People noticed that I had a more pleasant demeanor and commented on it.

This hasn't been very difficult. When it comes to hypnosis in general, a lot of people think that you would be under someone's control and hypnosis is going to change you, but really you are retraining your brain. It's all subconscious and every day I would notice more and more that the way I was processing things was different. In the past I would hold on to anger about things that annoyed me; now I can make a decision whether to hang on to the feelings or let them go. It has become a practice for me and I just keep doing it.

When I started working with Laura, a lot of things about me came to the table and it was almost like digging up a bunch of dirt, but instead of filling the hole up we planted flowers in it. I feel more in control now. Things are happening for me and the energy that I put out is coming back. I've been more aggressive towards my personal career goals and I'm taking risks. I know that since I am doing something people are coming to me and doors are opening because I'm putting myself out there. I'm moving forward instead of marinating in nothingness.

I feel more confident with the more risks that I take. I'm louder and I feel like I'm standing taller. The biggest benefit for me has been happiness. When I meet people they are very accepting of me. Even at my day job, I used to be negative, but now I'm rejecting the negative and that is having an influence on my coworkers. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome procrastination. I handle my stress differently and that's a huge health benefit for me.

I'm pointed in the right direction and it's like night and day now. I feel confident that I am free of my problem permanently because I can't stop moving. I feel like going back to the old way is not an option. Now I know how to get where I want to be. It's a huge tool that you can use to guide your life. You still have everyday problems, but you're going to approach them differently. It's very powerful and I love it. I know that I won't be going back to my old habits again because they're disappearing. Anything that's left of my old habits is being rejected by my conscious mind each day, more and more. It's interesting, enlightening & exciting to be aware of this change process as its happening.

Procrastination: Teresa

Austin, TX

I feel more relaxed in general. Hypnosis works on a subconscious level and takes the worrying, over thinking mind out of it, which is why I think that things have been easier for me. The reinforcement of the language during the sessions passively fills my mental buffer. Now when I go to do things that previously gave me a lot of anxiety. I find that it has really diminished. I have a better mind-body connection. I've also noticed that hypnosis has strengthened my yoga practice and really helped me to hear the instructions with my whole body instead of just my ears and my brain.

I feel a lot clearer on what I would call some formative early life issues that I have faced. I understand more of what went on and how I got to where I am today. This gives me a better insight of what has perpetuated through my procrastination. I feel more objective and detached about things, which has also helped my growth.

I've already recommended A New Day Hypnosis to several people that I know who tend to be in their heads a lot and find traditional therapy difficult because of their own rumination. I think hypnosis is a lot easier than going to a more direct therapist if you are someone who goes up into your head when you feel emotionally uncomfortable.

The hypnosis process helps me to short-circuit the ego-consciousness and work at a deeper level. I'm taking a voice class now. I think in the past I would have put it off, but I'm taking more risks as I move forward. I realize that these things are much more malleable than I previously thought. I am confident that the anxiety and procrastination are not necessarily character traits for me anymore.