Other: Roberto

Roberto F. (alcohol cessation)
Austin, TX

I originally came to see Laura because of the recurring drinking that has been an issue for me in the last six or seven years. I was typically drinking 2-3 glasses of wine every other day. I felt a little bit out of control because it was easier for me to give into my urges than not. It was a gratification when I was happy and it was a help when I was unhappy or stressed. I wasn't drinking enough to cause family issues or emotional or psychological problems. It was mainly physical; my body felt very drained. The sulfites in red wine are really hard on your body and when I drank, it took a lot of energy the next morning to get back into gear. My most productive hours are typically the early morning and I was losing them because of my fatigue. I tried to go cold turkey with drinking. It would kind of work for a week, but I would invariably get back into my routine by the next week.

I got a referral to A New Day Hypnosis from a colleague and decided to call. I noticed results within a week of my first appointment. It has been very easy. I firmly believe that your beliefs create your daily reality and hypnosis just reinforces that so it was a natural compliment. I feel more confident on a personal level because I have been able to change behaviors and be in control.

It has been easier to control my alcohol consumption and I've noticed that I have more energy in the mornings and I have gotten back that productive time. I can choose when I want to drink for the right reasons. When I do drink, on special occasions or a date night, I enjoy it more and it feels like a treat.

In addition to the drinking issues, there were certain things that I was getting stuck on that I wanted to work on. I was interested in changing some of my beliefs. I wanted to understand what blockages needed to be removed for me to become unstuck and tap into certain strengths that I hadn't tapped into in many years. A long time ago I tried traditional therapy to work on this and it was ineffective. I would just talk, but didn't take any action to resolve the problems. It was kind of a one way street and it didn't help me change my behaviors or get to the root of what was causing them.

With the help of hypnosis, I'm making changes and different decisions with my businesses. I work with a professional coach and she has noticed that I am much more in touch with my intuition. I'm making certain decisions that might seem completely insane, but end up resulting in these really huge breakthroughs. I'm not following common knowledge or what would be "sensible" and in my business, that is absolutely essential for success. My intuition is smarter than I am and when I am able to tap into that more frequently I avoid stepping into potholes and I am able to open certain doors that I never could have opened by myself.

The most important benefit for me has been the help in reconnecting with certain inner strengths. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to manage their inner beliefs and become more aware of these internal influences. Taking action to listen to the "right" influences and ignoring the ones that are wrong has been very helpful. I feel confident because I know that I will work on this regularly. It's like everything; you have to keep on it. I've gone through the big "service and repairs" and eventually, I will have to change the oil again. Because I plan to do this regularly, I know I will avoid the big issues in the future.