Stop Smoking: Katherine

Katherine Kever
Diligence Search Investigator
Austin, TX

I'd been a smoker for over forty years and I quit after my first session with Laura. I was smoking over a pack a day and now I've been tobacco free for five months. I decided to stop smoking because I have emphysema. I talked with my doctor about quitting and he recommended that I call Laura. I decided that hypnosis was what I needed to quit because the focus was on changing my mindset and my beliefs.

I'd tried to stop smoking in the past going cold turkey, but the longest it had ever lasted was three months because I always allowed something to be an excuse to start again.

It wasn't that hard for me to quit this time. I think it's deciding to do it and getting Laura's help that made it easier. I had my last cigarette before the appointment with Laura and I haven't gone back since.

After three weeks without cigarettes, I started to notice a real improvement in my breathing. Now I'm going to Tai Chi every night and my personal mantra is “I quit smoking” when I have any kind of challenge in my life. I'm not coughing anymore and when I walk up the stairs to my apartment, my legs don't hurt.

I felt out of control before, I always had to worry if I had enough cigarettes or whether I was going to have to stop at the store. In a way, it ruined my whole life. I didn't want that for myself anymore and I didn't want to be the type of person that smoked.

Now, I feel in control and more confident. Hypnosis helped to eliminate the cravings and urges for cigarettes. The best benefits that I've received from Laura's services are that my health is better, my clothes don't stink, and I don't have burn holes in everything.

I still live with a smoker and go out for breaks with a woman who smokes, but I don't have any desire to join in. I decided to stop smoking before Christmas because I thought that if I could get through that than I could probably get through anything. I would definitely recommend Laura's services to anyone who wants to stop smoking because she makes it a lot easier. I am confident that I'm a nonsmoker permanently because there hasn't been a time when I've really wanted a cigarette since my first session.