Stop Smoking: Susan

Susan Wills
Executive Director
Austin, TX

I'd been a pack a day smoker for about thirty years and I've been tobacco free for a month now. I've tried the patch, willpower, and smokers anonymous to quit. I used the patch on and off for three years. It alleviated cravings, but not for the whole day, I would put it on in the morning and still want a cigarette in the evening. I chewed the gum once and hated it. I tried willpower and lasted maybe three days at the most. I thought about it all the time and I felt a lot of anxiety.

I got some success with smokers anonymous, but eventually went back to cigarettes. I had this tense, anxious energy that always went into quitting and sometimes seemed worse than just continuing to smoke. Even though I knew that it was so bad for my health, it was very unattractive, expensive, and smelled horrible, I just couldn't stop and that made me feel out of control.

I'd heard Ellen DeGeneres say that she quit smoking with hypnosis and it was easy, so I looked up A New Day Hypnosis on citysearch to see if I could get some success with it. I decided to call when I read that Laura had won the "Hypnotist of the Year" award. I still had concerns because I'd been smoking so many years and couldn't believe that it would work, but it did.

I started to notice changes immediately. I didn't have cravings or feel any anxiety. I noticed that I didn't automatically think that I need to have a cigarette when I was handling stressful situations. Every once in a while, I'd think about it and sometimes miss it, but it's not an overwhelming feeling and I could talk myself into forgetting about it. I feel more confident because I can change the behaviors that I don't like about myself. I'm more in control now because I've left this behind me.

When I come into a room I don't think to myself that people probably want to open the window. I feel at ease knowing that I don't smell offensive to others anymore. I even went to the doctor recently and I found out that I've lowered my blood pressure as a result of quitting smoking.

This experience has truly felt magical for me. It's unbelievable that it could work like this. I would absolutely recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it's worked for me. I've been able to embrace new ways of being that are healthy and produce more self-esteem. I have a great deal of confidence about this change and a real sense of gratitude. I really appreciate all the energy and effort that Laura puts into her work because this has really helped me.