Stop Smoking: Kelli

Austin, TX

I was a closet smoker for 30 years and had a cigarette with a cocktail most evenings. My children asked me to quit, so my desire to change was really family oriented. I wasted so much time sneaking outside to smoke that I was missing out on time with my kids and my husband. I did acupuncture to try and quit and found that it did absolutely nothing. I could go outside and squeeze the buttons in my ear and still smoke a cigarette. I was able to quit during my pregnancies, but as soon as something stressful came up after the pregnancy, I went right back to it.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis from a friend. A group of us were closet smokers and we decided to do this together to support each other. Sometimes, if you want to do something you need help to do it, so I decided to call. I was able to quit after the first session and I've been tobacco free for five weeks now. I noticed right away that I was working on other things around the house instead of smoking in the evening and now I have a lot more energy. I'm working out more and doing more things for myself.

I feel more in control because I just absolutely do not have the urge to do it at all. Hypnosis has eliminated urges and cravings for me. I've been out with friends and been around people who were smoking and it's been just fine. It's been extremely easy, a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

My family and friends have noticed that I'm present now instead of running outside all the time. My husband is so proud of me. I don't think he thought I'd ever do it, so it's really a compliment to have that kind of support from him. I feel more confident in myself now because I know that if there is something that I really want to do, I need to just go and do it and overcome that fear within myself. I know that I can do what I want to do when I make up my mind to do it.

I'm very thankful to have been introduced to Laura and to come here and I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to stop smoking because it has worked for me and my friends. I'm confident that I am a nonsmoker permanently, I don't want to smell like it, I don't want those lines in my face to come back, and I have no desire to return to it.