Anxiety: Cynthia

Cynthia George
Administrative Specialist
Manor, TX

I've had trouble standing up for myself with aggressive authority figures my whole life. I usually just quit jobs when I felt anxious. One time, I had a job that I was so stressed out about that I got hives. I walked out at lunch and never came back. The relief in the situation was immediate, but the anxiety kept popping back up in other jobs in my life.

I started a new job this year and had a difficult boss, which caused me a great deal of anxiety. I walked around with a big pit in my stomach all day and all night every day and all weekend. I even woke up a couple of times in the night with my fists clenched and my hands numb all the way up to my elbows. I was hiding the fear and internalized everything. I wasn't succeeding at work because I was so frightened all the time.

Every time the boss went in a meeting or anytime anybody looked at me twice I had the deer in the headlights thing going. I knew it was about me even if it wasn't about me. I'd get called into the office and I wouldn't be able to answer for myself because I was so frightened. I felt out of control and I didn't like it. I was afraid to ruffle any feathers for fear of what could happen to me and that affected my confidence. I felt that I was in danger of losing my job and I wanted to counteract the negative influences at work. I had to figure out how to deal with it.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis in the phone book. I had used hypnosis in the past to stop smoking, so I thought it might help with this too. Within the first week, I noticed that I just felt calmer and I wasn't as worried. I took a leap of faith and it has worked for me. I have tools so that I can defend myself and I'm sleeping more easily. I'm enjoying time my relaxation time and I've been able to ask for help from coworkers when I need it.

I'm not so worried and upset all the time, so I'm able to better read signals and cues from people at work. I have a clearer thought process and a better idea of what is going on and I feel more confident because I don't have that sick feeling in my stomach anymore. I'm not frightened because I've learned how to defend myself better and I'm more proactive about avoiding problems in the first place. Because my thinking is clear I can let my intellect take over instead of panicking and losing control. I have recommended A New Day Hypnosis to someone I know who is having significant issues at work and I suggested that she can overcome her anxiety as well. I feel confident that I have the tools to work through my problem and things are a lot