Anxiety: Michelle

Clinical Researcher
Austin, TX

I've suffered from my issues with anxiety since I was sixteen or seventeen and it's been ongoing for many decades since then. My anxiety has interfered with dating and social relationships. In a work environment, although I had the skill level, I didn't appear confident and was so uncomfortable. The job that I have can cause stress and the way I approached some of my problems were adding to the stress and negativity. I would get very down and withdraw. I had so much anxiety that I was too fearful to move on from a job that I didn't like.

I felt out of control and it was distressing. I found that the older that I was getting, instead of becoming more confident like a lot of people get as they age, I was caring more about what other people thought. It was such a battle with my energy and time.

I've gone to some counseling, but I would only do it when I really felt horrible. I'd do a handful of sessions and feel better for a little while, but I would always dip back into negative thinking. I've read self-help books; I've also had anti-depressants prescribed by my family doctor, which actually made me feel worse. I also participated in a non- medication anxiety study at the University of Texas. I also self-medicated with alcohol, which wasn't a healthy way to address issues. Over the years, I've had pockets of improvement, but this time I was looking for more long term change.

I saw an ad for A New Day hypnosis at Austin Java. I did a google search and saw the website, which looked promising to me. I'd used hypnosis in the past and I found it to be helpful. I knew that I had to retrain myself, so I decided to try it again. I've found Laura's approach to be more helpful at alleviating a lot of problems. I'm a very private person, so I don't always expose my weaknesses and fears to people.

With Laura's help, I've been able to get to the root of the problem. Although some of the issues that we've discussed are serious or emotional for me, Laura has made it a lot of fun. It's been very effective for me to discuss these fears and be provided with the tools to think in more positive and productive patterns. She has a firmness about her and she knows how to get people to be more compliant, so I've appreciated that. She also has a very personalized approach.

Socially, I'm feeling more comfortable. I'm building layers of new information and remedying the various deeply ingrained issues that I've faced. I notice now that I feel less anxious. When I go into social situations I notice that my stomach feels much better than it used to. I have escape medication in my purse for anxiety, but I haven't had to use it. I don't carry anxiety in my back and neck anymore, so my muscles aren't tense and in pain like they used to be. I'm also sleeping a lot better.

I feel more in control with my work environment and my stress levels. I've had some anxiety associated with different driving situations and I've tackled some really tough ramps and spaghetti bowls that I didn't think I would be able to manage in the past. My world is bigger now because I can do the things that I was afraid of. I'm more self-accepting and I feel more confident. I feel more confident about my approach to life's issues and problems.

The most important benefit for me has been that I've found more peace, more joy, and more stability in my life. I'm confident that I have a better set of skills to manage anxiety and I've recommended A New Day Hypnosis to others because when something is good and it works, it should be promoted and shared. It's been a very educational experience and has really helped me improve in life. I'm more relaxed and feel more positive about the future and my outlook.