Healthy Lifestyle: Hope

Hope Camacho
Social Worker
Austin, TX

I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. As a kid people made fun of me and as an adult they were more low-key about it. I felt like I wasn't good enough and didn't like the way that I looked. I felt fat and out of control. If it was there, I would eat it; if it wasn't there I would go get it. I was eating sweets every day and drinking lots of Mountain Dew and coffee, the equivalent of about ten cups of coffee a day. I was overeating as a coping mechanism for the high stress levels in my life. I was doing more than is healthy to be doing and it was affecting my eating habits.

I've tried Weight Watchers and lost weight with it, but years later I had a problem again. South Beach was really good, but I just didn't stick with it, mentally I wasn't prepared to do it. I tried exercise by itself and sometimes found that it just gave me an excuse to eat more.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on citysearch and decided to schedule an appointment because I realized that my problem was in my head. I noticed pretty quickly that I had started becoming more assertive. I was taking the time to slow down and get in touch with myself. I think my body has become more in line with what it ought to be. When I make a bad choice, I notice the difference in the way that I feel.

My eating habits are better and my sleep is good. The physical need for coffee is way down and now I only have one cup a day. I'm wearing a smaller size and I'm not drinking sodas or using artificial sweeteners anymore. I feel much more in control; sweets can be around and they just aren't calling my name. Candy is everywhere at work and now, if I want something sweet, I can stop after a couple.

People have commented that I look smaller and my Dad recently mentioned that it looks like I'm losing weight. I feel more confident about myself. My salsa practice is on youtube and when I watched it recently, I noticed that I didn't look bad. I'm happy to pose for photos and that is not typical for me at all.

The biggest benefit that I've gotten out of this process has been the ability to stand up for myself more. I was doing too much and once that got under control, I was better able to focus on my health. My attention has shifted over to taking care of myself and I have noticed that when I take care of myself, I don't need food to cope.

My attitude and my mindset have changed. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it worked for me. My focus isn't about weight anymore, so it's easier for me to stay consistent. When I changed my lifestyle, I realized that I might have a day that is different, but that overall I am focused on health. I know that these changes and my healthy lifestyle will be permanent because it's a better way to live and the changes that I've made are more about my thinking and the way that I'm living than anything else.