Healthy Lifestyle: Kelly

Kelly Mormon
Austin, Texas

I had been procrastinating doing something about my weight for the last two years and it was unpleasant. I wasn't comfortable, I didn't feel healthy, and I didn't look good. I felt guilty that I was eating unhealthily and not exercising. I didn't have a set schedule anymore and my life was lacking the structure that I'd had before, so my healthy routines had fallen apart.

I was inconsistent with both exercise and diet and I could always figure out a way to put off either meal planning or exercise. I was pretty miserable not carrying through with things. I have a lot of company visiting me regularly and I always ate like I was on vacation when a friend came in town. I felt out of control because I wasn't able to get myself on a schedule or a good eating or exercise plan. I would tell myself that I was going to do something at a specific time or day and then I would put it off. It made me feel lazy and disorganized. I had become less sociable because I was always putting off committing to anything. Procrastination was an across the board behavior and it really affected my health.

I knew that I was going to be responsible for my elderly father-in-law and I needed to be healthier and stop procrastinating before he moved here, so when I drove past A New Day Hypnosis, I decided to call and schedule an appointment. I noticed changes immediately, I wasn't procrastinating anymore and I started enjoying healthier foods. I also stopped putting off and dreading meal planning.

It's been surprisingly easy to continue to eat well even when the people around me are not making healthful choices. I've noticed that I sleep better and overall I feel more energetic and stronger. I feel more in control, I can make a list and I know that I will do the things on that list. My eating is healthier and more thoughtful and I am exercising regularly. My weight loss has been pretty easy and I have gone down three clothing sizes.

I have eliminated eating fattening or "super-carb" food and I have better portion control. Family and friends have noticed the weight loss and my daughters are seeing that I am getting things done in a timely fashion.

I feel more confident. I look better and I'm taking better care of my appearance. I am in better shape and it's nice to know that when I visit friends in Denver that I can handle more. I know my legs aren't going to give out because I have built up my strength with regular exercise.

Overcoming the procrastination has been the biggest benefit for me in all of this. That was the one thing that we worked on that had been a life-long issue. I think I always thought that being a procrastinator was just how I was and the fact that I can change something so fundamental about myself has been pretty big.

My social life has improved; I don't put off making plans or avoid committing to things. Overcoming procrastination has given me health benefits because of the exercise and grocery shopping. I realize now that procrastination is not some central part of how I operate and knowing this helps me think differently about other behaviors that I thought were ingrained.

I believe that these changes and my healthy lifestyle are permanent. It's a more pleasant way to live. I take things in bits and pieces and it's so much better. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome procrastination or create a healthy lifestyle. It's so wonderful because it's effective and painless. I have recommended this to friends and relatives because it's been enlightening for me. I can't believe how effective this has been and I wouldn't hesitate to utilize hypnosis again if something else comes up for me in the future