Healthy Lifestyle: Michelle

Michelle C.
Transportation Planner
Austin, TX

I struggled with my weight for the last eight years and it was both uncomfortable and overwhelming. I would attempt healthy behaviors, but not be able to stick to them because of stress eating. I would have an aggravating day at work and I would eat to make me feel better at night when I got home. I was shoveling food in my mouth without thinking about it or considering the implications of my choices.

I’ve used a couple of diets and I saw a personal trainer for a while to lose weight. I did a high protein diet and it was too hard when I was travelling and didn’t fit with my lifestyle. Another diet required supplemental things that I had to buy and that got old after a while. With both diets, there was short term weight loss until I couldn’t keep up with them. The trainer was fine until I changed jobs and income brackets and couldn’t continue that level of activity.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Google. I know that people don’t just give away their testimonials, so after I saw all the testimonials online, I decided to look into making an appointment. I think that I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t know what was going on or that someone would be getting in my head, but I soon realized that my fears were probably just from watching too many movies and I decided to make an appointment.

After starting my program, I noticed a mental shift. Every time that I started to do something unhealthy, I would be reminded of my sessions and it would give me pause. It wasn’t as much fun to do unhealthy things anymore because I knew better. Subconsciously, I had a gentle reminder that I was on the path to my goals.

I’m feeling better about myself and I realize now that I’m worth it to make a change. I’ve noticed that I have healthier sleep patterns and I’m exercising more, I’m also more patient and less agitated. I feel more in control. I have tools now and I’m just more self-aware. I am conscious about what I am doing and I don’t make bargains with myself on my health. I plan better and I’m not eating for emotions anymore because I don’t use food to self-medicate.

Hypnosis has helped me to stop bingeing and snacking on unhealthy foods. Some family members have commented that I’m not ordering dessert when I’m out or eating as much during meals. Some of my coworkers and family have also commented that I’ve lost weight.

The biggest benefit for me has been that I care more about myself. I count in the equation of my life and I have greater self-worth and a sense of well-being. I feel more confident because I’m focusing on what is going on inside of me. Being healthy is the most important thing to me now and I’m not overextending my resources and time anymore; my own needs are just as important as everyone else’s.

I believe that these changes and my weight loss will be permanent because I see food differently now. I don’t think that I can go back to eating whatever I want whenever I want or believing that overeating is a good way to deal with stress. I’ve crossed this mental line where that is not okay for me anymore. There are permanent changes in the way that I want to proceed with my life going forward.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to work on developing a healthier lifestyle. In my experience, there seem to be so many people and services out there that don’t help, but are willing to take people’s time and money without any regard to whether the person will be successful. There is sustainability to what Laura provides in her service and she has given me something that is tangible to take with me out in the world.

This experience has changed my attitude and the way that I see myself and I haven’t seen that from most services and products. I think that people should know that there is something out there besides fad diets or pills. I don’t give endorsements ever, but I want to let people know that his has been extremely helpful and for the first time I’ve walked away from a weight loss program with tools to continue to use on my own.