Compulsive Behavior: Jose

Jose Manuel Cortes (OCD)
Austin, TX

I've had problems with obsessive and negative thoughts since I was six years old. In the past, I've had emotional breakdowns and sometimes thought that I might be going crazy. It was affecting school because I was so stressed and worried about it. My negative thinking also affected my friendships.

I was very angry and had trouble with getting into fights. In the moment, I sometimes thought that I wasn't able to control things like counting, tapping and washing my hands. I was also having trouble sleeping because I was thinking a lot at night. I've tried many things to help me: prescription pills, psychotherapy, and many other types of therapy. It kind of worked a little bit, but then it stopped working. I realized that instead of working against it, I wanted my mind is working with me instead. I thought that hypnosis might work, so I did an internet search.

I found the Citysearch website and there was a listing for A New Day Hypnosis. There were a lot of entries from different people on the site. I had some concerns that using hypnosis might be dangerous, but everyone said that it was great, so decided that I would try it.

I noticed results around two days after my appointment, I was a lot more calm and at peace. I believe that one should be committed, so if you want to improve you have to do as much as you can, so I think that has helped to make this easier for me. I am now able to stay calm in classes and during exams or at work. I'm also going right to sleep. I know when I have had a stressful day; I can just listen to my sessions and feel immediately calm with a good outlook.

I am able to be more focused on my goals. Now I have many tools to overcome the things that weren't working for me and I see myself as a lot stronger. Because I am calm and focused I make much better decisions now. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because if a person wants to change something but has a strong part of them that is telling them not to stop, this can help. When you have more tools you have a much better chance of fulfilling your goals. I am confident that as I continue to work on this, my issues will not pose a problem for me in the future.