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Taylor (study skills)
Austin, TX

For the last two years I have had problems with my study skills. I used to get a lot of help from my Mom and when I told her to help me study, she would tell me what the answers were on my homework, so I wasn't finding them myself. I wanted to get credit for working myself and not feel like my mom had just done it for me.

I tried to study on my own and it didn't work. When my mom told me to study, I didn't really listen. Instead, I was texting, calling people, sleeping, or watching TV. I told my mom that I could do it on my own and I wanted to prove to myself that I could, but it wasn't happening. I was getting really bad grades, so I couldn't do anything on the weekends because I had my privileges taken away. I couldn't see my friends or use my phone. Because I was doing so badly in school, I was afraid that I was going to end up getting a crummy job after high school.

I was distracted in class and angry with myself about my grades. I went to a couple of tutorials, but some days I really couldn't make them or the teachers weren't staying after school. I had to work around when teachers were available and sometimes I had things to do after school and got out too late.

My mom heard about A New Day hypnosis from yahoo local and decided to schedule my appointment. I started to notice changes after a couple of sessions. I was concentrating more and getting better grades on my tests. I felt less worried and less stressed about things.

I think the best thing for me was getting control. Now it's easier to do projects and study on my own. I'm taking initiative and I can start working on things by myself. I don't stress out or have to tell myself to study, I just do it. I know that failing grades aren't going to happen to me again and I don't have to worry anymore about what will happen after high school.

I feel confident because I'm getting better grades and I know that I can do it. I know I will continue do better because I'm capable of doing things that I used to tell myself I couldn't do. I would definitely recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants help with study skills because it can help students to be confident and do exactly what I'm doing. I just keep telling myself that I can do it and continue to watch my grades go up.