Phobia: Dina

Dina Gutierrez (Bathroom)
Associate Project Manager
Austin, TX

I've suffered from a nagging anxiety revolving around an urgency to go to the bathroom for the last ten years. In the beginning, I thought that I might have a medical problem. I investigated all the medical aspects of the issue that I thought might be the cause and couldn't find an answer. It turned out that my mind was controlling me. As a result of the anxiety, I wasn't very active or social. About half the time, when I was invited out I went, but I needed to be in complete control of the situation. I had to be somewhere that I felt safe and I had to drive myself so that I knew that I could leave at any time in case I started to feel uncomfortable.

I started to do a lot of things by myself and put up boundaries with other people. I was trying to control everything which made me feel more out of control. I isolated myself because if I couldn't control it, I wouldn't do it. It was very dark, negative and lonely for me. I didn't meet new people and I wasn't able to be a good friend in the relationships that I had. I wasn't there for anybody but myself. Traveling was difficult; I felt even more anxious and over thought a lot of things. Isolating myself didn't give me any kind of self image or self confidence and made me feel depressed. I've done regular therapy and it helped me deal with other general stresses, but it didn't do much with this specific issue. I decided there was still something that I needed to do to take care of it.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis from my stepmother's friend and decided to make an appointment. I was noticing results after the first session. My thought process changed and I was thinking more positively. I was playing the CD over in my head without having to listen to it and I found myself spontaneously thinking of positive messages from my session.

I feel like I don't need to be in control now and it's allowing me to open up and go with the flow of things. I don't get overanxious and I know that I can't control every situation, but I'm still putting myself out there. I'm open to new experiences and I feel more confident. Being able to talk to other people and put myself out there gives me more confidence because I know that I feel comfortable.

The most important benefit that I've received from hypnosis is developing a better self image. I'm going out to dinner with friends, exercising with other people, going out for drinks, and taking part in social activities because I'm not thinking anxious thoughts anymore.

I would recommend A New Hypnosis because I have something to fall back on and a reminder of all the positive things. I have a greater sense of control of my mind and I can change my outlook on things. My problem might seem minute to other people, but to me it was my whole life. To most people, the urgency to go to the bathroom isn't something to dwell upon, but it played a major part in my life. I'm confident that I have the tools to continue this new thought process and to strengthen it. I know that there are options out there and it is possible to overcome my limitations.