Phobia: Jackie

Jackie Mendez (Driving)
Inside Sales
Austin, TX

I've had problems with driving for the last twenty years. I was scared and didn't want to drive on the highway; I always had to have someone drive for me whenever I needed to go anyplace further away. I just avoided it and the fear got worse. Even talking about driving made me hyperventilate and feel like I couldn't control myself. I would find other ways to get places so that I didn't have to drive on the highway and everything took a lot longer. I wasn't able to go anywhere by myself. It was pretty bad because I couldn't run an errand or go when I wanted to. I had no independence and had to wait for other people to drive me. I had to ask coworkers to drive me places and I was embarrassed about it. One night, when my ride had had too many margaritas, I was forced to drive us home and had to go down the access road all the way from Georgetown and it took me three hours to get home.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Citysearch. When I read that Laura had won the hypnotist of the year, I decided to call. I started noticing that I felt comfortable and less tense when someone else was driving and that I actually wanted to drive.

I feel more relaxed and in control now. When I think about driving, I'm not so scared. I drove last Friday and there was a lot of traffic, but I still felt comfortable. I was focused and relaxed and just ready to do it. If I started to feel nervous, I remembered what Laura and I talked about. I feel more confident now because I can do stuff whenever I want. The most important thing for me has been the relaxation about being able to drive on the highway. I would recommend A New Day hypnosis to anyone who wants to fix this problem and I'm confident that I will continue to make progress.