Phobia: Ron

Ron T. (Panic Attacks)
Chief Operating Officer
Round Rock, TX

I've had problems with anxiety and panic attacks for the last eight years. When I experienced it, I didn't know what was going on and I thought it was a health issue. I felt like I was running 90,000 miles and hour and it was hard to make it through the day. I was quick tempered and I wasn't handling high pressure situations very well. I knew that if I didn't get control over it, it could really start to physically affect me.

The panic affected my sports. I had a panic attack while I was swimming and when I was out in the country riding my bike. I noticed that when I was totally away from everything I would feel like I couldn't get any support or help if I ran out of water or food and that made me feel vulnerable and brought on the panic. I felt claustrophobic on planes and was afraid that I would make a scene and not be able to escape. I pushed myself to continue flying, but had to take Xanax to get through it.

I tried breathing methods and looked up some information to try to understand panic attacks and anxiety. I researched it and saw that hypnosis was something that had helped some people to deal with panic and. I was upset and miserable about the experience so when I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Citysearch, I decided to call because I needed to get this fixed.

I'm always leery when I do something and I'm not sure if it is a legitimate service. Initially, I didn't think anything was working, but I started to recognize that I understood the problem and found myself using the tools that I had learned to eliminate the issue. I noticed that I was more in control and more aware of what was going on and I felt calmer and more relaxed in general.

I feel much more in control now because I have tools to help me understand what I am experiencing and how to deal with it. I know now that it's not a physical issue and I'm learning to train myself to stop it. I feel more confident. I just flew to LA and back on two small express planes. During the second flight I was in the last seat against the window and I was pinned in a corner, but I still felt okay. I tuned it out and enjoyed the plane ride, which made me feel successful.

In my last triathlon I didn't have any panic attacks and I swam 1000 meters. I've been training a lot with the bike and I haven't panicked out on the road. I know about the problem and how it evolves and now I have the tools to diffuse it. I have the knowledge and the ability and that's the biggest part of the success for me.

When you're dealing with an issue on your own, you don't have the benefit of someone else's outlook or insight. Because I was in the fire, I couldn't see anything else but the fire, but I feel that Laura cared and was really interested in fixing the problem and sharing her perspective with me. Her ideas made sense and I felt that talking and really working through the issues was very beneficial. The feedback and the understanding were really important for my progress.

I would absolutely recommend A New Day Hypnosis because I had a great experience. I feel confident in my ability because I can feel it coming on and I'm able to shut it down and use the tools that I've learned to deal with it. I have to keep on that path and I'm confident that I can, but I know that it rests on me. I have to concentrate on balance and remember that working all day long is not acceptable. I'm very happy with my progress, it's definitely worth it and it was a great experience that really empowered me to deal with my issues.