Phobia: TJ

TJ Diaz (Motorcycle Racing)
Austin, TX

I decided to use hypnosis to overcome my fear during motorcycle racing. I've always competed in motor cross, but I've had problems for the last few years. The fear had become so overwhelming that I wasn't having fun anymore and I wasn't motivated to get better. Biking had been my escape from corporate life and when I didn't have a vehicle to do it, things weren't working out for me. I was feeling more negative and less confident.

It had been my salvation on the weekends and I didn't have it anymore. I felt like I couldn't control some specific aspects of my life and that made me feel more stressed. I tried to meditate and do creative visualization to overcome my problem and they didn't really work for me. In my mind it worked out, but when I was in the moment I still choked.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Citysearch. Laura had a lot of good reviews so I decided to call. I noticed a change after the first day; I immediately noticed that when I was performing sports I progressed much faster than I had in the last three years. It's been easy to have the confidence to commit to something and believe in it. I'm more focused now and I have a different way of looking at things, which makes me feel good.

I feel more committed and less fearful of making other changes in my life. I'm more in control because I'm accomplishing things incrementally and I'm moving forward. Making this change has allowed me to make decisions without over thinking them and taking more risks in my life.

The most important benefit that I've gotten has been relaxation, I've learned to quiet my mind and I'm noticing patterns in my life that I'm much more in tune with. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who has a limitation in their life. Everyone has some issue that they are trying to overcome and they may not know how to tap into the more cerebral aspect of how to accomplish things.

This process allows you to put on a different lens and look at things from the outside in. Hypnosis is one vehicle to allow you to get into that mindset so that you can actually move things further along the way. I'm confident about where I am and my progress. I've achieved a lot more than I thought that I would and I'm on another level now. I have a new foundation that I can stand on firmly and I plan on just going further and further from here.