Self-Confidence: Charles

Computer Lab Manager
Austin, TX

I've suffered from low self-esteem and had a poor self image all of my adult life. It colored everything in my life and created a negative viewpoint. I suffered from emotional extremes and had a lot of ups and downs. I looked at life very fatalistically and it felt like too much trouble to go out into social situations; when I did go out, I would often put up walls that kept me from connecting with people.

I've tried traditional therapy and anti-depressants and they have been helpful to some degree. I don't do well if I have a “sit and stare at you" kind of therapist and I question that method of therapy. I felt like I'd tried everything else and I wanted to see what was out there, so when I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on yahoo local I decided to look into it.

After the first session, I noticed a difference. I had fewer negative thoughts and I started sleeping better, which has helped. Having the ability to detect the negative thoughts and working to change them has been easier.

What I like about Laura is that she is very conversational and easy to talk to. If I believe that something is rational, it's easier for me to accept, her feedback is both practical and helpful. Life has to have those ups and downs and this process has helped to shift me up and keep me from getting too low. I feel more confident in social situations and it's easier for me to keep the walls from going up when I'm meeting new people. I have put myself in more social situations and I've gotten some tools that have been really useful for me.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it has helped me and it has been a big benefit. I am less likely to expect the worst and I'm more positive and less self-deprecating overall. Every session had something very practical and useful and it's been a huge help to raise my mood levels.