Self-Confidence: Jack

Jack Kadain Kirby

I've had trouble with confidence since I was five. Most people don't think I have a confidence problem, but the issues were really affecting my life. They were holding me back and keeping me from living a healthier life. I was a workaholic smoker who wasn't taking care of myself or really living. I was a shell of a person in a lot of ways and that felt out of control. I didn't make it a priority to nurture my creative side because I didn't think I would be good enough.

I'd read a lot about hypnosis, but I just wanted to see if it really worked. I was at the Austin Java Company and saw A New Day Hypnosis next door. A lot of the other hypnotists looked intense in their photos and some of them looked a little too uptight for me, but when I looked up A New Day online I decided to call because I liked Laura's picture.

I wasn't sure if it would be effective, but I started to feel a lot more confident. I'm really challenging myself again and I feel blessed with this process. I'm writing and I'm happy about it. I feel like I can take on a lot more stuff and I know that I'm not going to work 60 hours a week and feel so worried about money anymore. Stopping smoking was also really simple for me. It was literally "bam" and I walked out of the office and didn't want a cigarette. I can be around smokers now and it doesn't phase me. I truly feel free of it.

I feel like I've gotten more accomplished with hypnosis than I ever did in the last fifteen years with therapy. I just think that there is a lot to be said for not having to talk about the same thing over and over again. It's a different way to re-live an experience because I don't have to reveal everything. I'm tapping into myself and hypnosis gives me the chance to have the experience without having it exposed or unearthed in a way that isn't helpful.

I'm really paying more attention in my life. I feel like this has given me the chance to have more insight into what is really happening mentally, physically and emotionally. I feel a lot more in control. Before, I would get stressed and want to have a cigarette and that desire just isn't there anymore. I can shut the negatives off faster because I acknowledge them and step back as opposed to letting them completely consume me.

Laura's straightforward approach works for me. I like the way that she runs things and helps me to get to the core of the issue. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to improve themselves because of my own experience. I've seen a lot of changes and I'm confident that I won't smoke again. I know that I need to nurture myself and I've gained some tools about how to check in and pay attention. I don't intend to let it slip and I plan to continue with my progress.