Other: Jon

Jon Y. (negative thinking)
Speech Therapist
Austin, TX

I've suffered from problems with negativity for as long as I can remember. Everything bugged the crud out of me and friends and family found me unpleasant to be around. People didn't want to be around me and my attitude was straining relationships with multiple people in my life. I wasn't getting what I wanted or what I needed and I would reflect my frustrations negatively on other people and have mood issues.

I was subconsciously resenting others all the time and lashing out on them. I sometimes felt like I couldn't control my attitude because I would do something hurtful and feel embarrassed about it, but I didn't know how to change it, so I just stayed in that same place. I was the only person standing in my way, but I didn't know what else to do. I've tried pharmacology to deal with my problem, but it just made me feel lethargic and I wasn't getting to the root of the issue.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Citysearch and decided to try it. I noticed in the first week that I was a little more upbeat and less stressed. I had a more positive attitude overall. It has been fairly simple for me to change my behaviors and come to my appointments because it's a relief for me; I look forward to it. It's been easy for me to change my attitude because my communication skills have improved, I'm better at conveying my needs and interacting with others.

I'm sleeping better and I feel more relaxed and in control of my behavior patterns. I don't lash out at people as often and my family has noticed that I'm friendlier, more tolerant, and more easygoing. My partner says that I am nicer and more accommodating than I was before. I am happier and the more that I do things for myself, the better it gets.

I feel more confident at work and I have more control over the situation. I don't feel stressed or pressured at my job, so that I can be who I am supposed to be and perform to my full potential. I am more confident in my relationships and I'm not afraid that anyone is going to leave me anymore, so that feels good.

The most important benefit for me has been the outlet. I needed a little bit of a kick in the rear and Laura has helped me to change my perception of things. I would recommend A New Day hypnosis to anyone who wants to change their outlook. I feel like this process has brought so much of a different perspective and insight. When someone else questions your perspective I really respect that and I liked it a lot. I'm confident that I can see a difference an attitude change, a life change. I know that I have further to go, but I know that it relies on me.

Other: Taylor

Taylor (study skills)
Austin, TX

For the last two years I have had problems with my study skills. I used to get a lot of help from my Mom and when I told her to help me study, she would tell me what the answers were on my homework, so I wasn't finding them myself. I wanted to get credit for working myself and not feel like my mom had just done it for me.

I tried to study on my own and it didn't work. When my mom told me to study, I didn't really listen. Instead, I was texting, calling people, sleeping, or watching TV. I told my mom that I could do it on my own and I wanted to prove to myself that I could, but it wasn't happening. I was getting really bad grades, so I couldn't do anything on the weekends because I had my privileges taken away. I couldn't see my friends or use my phone. Because I was doing so badly in school, I was afraid that I was going to end up getting a crummy job after high school.

I was distracted in class and angry with myself about my grades. I went to a couple of tutorials, but some days I really couldn't make them or the teachers weren't staying after school. I had to work around when teachers were available and sometimes I had things to do after school and got out too late.

My mom heard about A New Day hypnosis from yahoo local and decided to schedule my appointment. I started to notice changes after a couple of sessions. I was concentrating more and getting better grades on my tests. I felt less worried and less stressed about things.

I think the best thing for me was getting control. Now it's easier to do projects and study on my own. I'm taking initiative and I can start working on things by myself. I don't stress out or have to tell myself to study, I just do it. I know that failing grades aren't going to happen to me again and I don't have to worry anymore about what will happen after high school.

I feel confident because I'm getting better grades and I know that I can do it. I know I will continue do better because I'm capable of doing things that I used to tell myself I couldn't do. I would definitely recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants help with study skills because it can help students to be confident and do exactly what I'm doing. I just keep telling myself that I can do it and continue to watch my grades go up.

Other: Glenn

Glenn (anger management and study skills)
Austin, TX

I'm in the Sixth grade and I've been having problems with anger management and a negative outlook for over two years. I was getting into fights and my teachers thought of me as a troublemaker. My problems were affecting my learning and also making me depressed and frustrated. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because of my anger and it was really bad when I was removed from the school play. My parents had been called to several school meetings regarding my behavior, but that didn't change anything. They tried sending me to counseling and giving me strict discipline to change my behavior, but I continued to get into trouble and stayed stressed and depressed.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis when my mom found out about it on the internet. I wasn't sure if it would help me but I started to notice results after my second appointment; I no longer got angry or yelled at other students if they said anything to me. I wasn't getting in trouble with my teachers either. I even started getting positive comments from my teachers and the school counselor because my behavior has improved so much.

My concentration and focus have gotten better and I generally feel calm and more positive about my outlook on life. I felt less stressed and don't eat so much anymore. The changes in my behavior have helped me win the school's Effort Trophy only five weeks after starting hypnosis.

I would recommend Simon Day and A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants help with anger management or study skills because it works. It helped me learn how to control myself, get my work done on time, and feel happier and calmer about my life.

Other: Ramona

Ramona Jarvis (insomnia)
Certified Public Accountant
Austin, TX

I've suffered from insomnia for fourteen years. It was horrible and really frustrating for me. It was just awful, I was in my head all the time and I couldn't make it shut up. I wasn't able to sleep without medication and didn't like taking pills, but it seemed like the only solution. I started to feel a little out of control because I couldn't go to sleep like everybody else. It was getting to the point where I was afraid to go to bed because I thought it would be a bad night and that made feel me more anxious and worried. I didn't have a lot of energy and I'd get in bad moods pretty regularly as a result.

I tried acupuncture, but I wasn't diligent about it and didn't notice much change, so I quit after a few meetings. I used sleeping pills and they were effective, but I didn't find that my sleep was as restful and didn't like having to depend on a drug to go to sleep.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis from my husband who said it had been relaxing for him. I was leery about it and really thought it wouldn't help. I'd only seen the television hypnosis and I didn't think it would work for me. Since starting my hypnosis, I noticed that I was able to relax more and start sleeping more. I find that I'm less anxious and I worry less, so that I can sleep better. I feel more confident because I don't care as much about what people think of me anymore. My CDs are very relaxing and uplifting and I feel physically better and more energetic because I'm getting good rest.

The best thing for me about all of this has been that I have the ability to control my life more. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants help with insomnia because I know that I'm a tough case and it helped me. I'm confident that I will be able to get myself to sleep and that's worth a lot to me

Other: Valerie

Valerie M. (time management)
Austin, TX

I've had problems with time management my whole life, but it got really bad after I left the air force and I didn't have that structure anymore. I got a much higher anxiety job and I just lost the ability to be punctual. I felt out of control. When I was late, I always convinced myself that I would do better the next time and I never did. It affected everything in my life. I wouldn't get things done when they needed to be done and then everything was crazy. I wouldn't have food prepared because I hadn't planned and I would end up hungry, and grumpy, and late, and guilty.

I drove my husband nuts and it messed up my self-confidence because people couldn't depend on me to be on time. It made me feel chaotic and unprofessional and it was affecting my work. I was showing up late and in an anxious chaotic mode, so I got off on the wrong foot and I wasn't able to think clearly. It gave a really bad impression.

There was a huge mental block that I couldn't overcome. I tried to fix my problem by looking for advice on the internet and I even bought a book about perfectionism, but it didn't really help with this. I set all of my clocks forward, but I would just do the mental math and figure out what time it really was and still be late.

I saw a flyer on the IGA board and I thought about it. Six months later, I saw it again at Sun Harvest and I'd had a particularly bad week of being late, so I decided to call. I started to notice a change in myself when I no longer wanted to risk a few more minutes and go to the edge of the cliff before leaving for work. I started to leave early for my appointments and I felt a lot better and less stressed. Now, I notice that I work better because I get there on time. I feel more in control and it feels really good. I know that I can be sure that when I tell myself I am going to do something, I know that I will do it without any doubt. I feel more confident because I can trust myself now.

In my professional life, I present an image that can be taken seriously and I really feel in control. Being organized and on time was such a hurdle for me and such an important goal to achieve. I feel more confident now that I've overcome my issue. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who feels like their behavior is beyond their control because when it's something that feels deep-seated in your psyche; this is a good method to overcome it. I'm confident that I'm not going to be unrealistic about my expectations and that I will continue to be organized and on time.

Other: Matthew

Matthew Tray (study skills)
Technical Coordinator
Austin, TX

I came to A New Day Hypnosis because I had decided to go to law school, but was having a lot of difficulty studying for the LSAT. I just couldn't focus at all. There were so many issues and difficulties in my life that were piling up one after the other and they had an impact on my study skills. First, I'd an infestation of bed bugs in my house and I lost all of my furniture and had to move. Then, my parents got divorced, my dad had hip replacement surgery and my aunt passed away all within a six month period. I wasn't sleeping well because of everything that was going on and when I took the LSAT for the first time it was pretty bad.

Ever since, I've had a lot of anxiety and a huge mental block when I tried to take LSAT practice tests. I went to tutoring and the scores that I was getting definitely wouldn't get me into any law school. There was so much stuff going on with me that I couldn't overcome and I felt like there were huge barriers preventing me from success. I looked at the questions, but didn't really understand what they were saying. The mental block was so overpowering that it almost felt like I couldn't read when I took a practice test.

After two and a half hours of studying, I had a terrible headache. The LSAT isn't an easy test and I needed some outlet to focus my mind on the task at hand without getting side-tracked by the things that were going on in my life. I felt like I wasn't all there when I was taking the test and it was starting to affect my outlook. I looked at my life and ask myself what crappy thing was going to happen next. I was to the point where I decided that if I had to do a Jedi mind trick to make this work than I would try it.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on yahoo local and decided to give it a shot. I started noticing results almost immediately after my first meeting. I felt like I was wiping away a lot of the distracting thoughts and had increased mental clarity. Being able to free the mental block and open my mind up to new possibilities has helped me out a lot. During practice tests, when I find myself in a really tough situation I would remind myself that my mind is like a laser. I'm coaching myself through the questions, which I wouldn't have done before and that's helped a lot.

I never have headaches when I study now and I can go three to four hours without feeling tired. I've developed strategies to get myself through tougher questions and I feel more in control because I have much tighter reigns on my goals. I know more about what's in front of me and I have a much clearer focus on my future. I feel more confident knowing now that I can do a lot better than I've ever done before on the LSAT.

The most important benefit that I've received has been overcoming the mental block and being able to be at peace with what I need to do. I've really improved my practice scores and that's been happening on a routine basis.

I recently took the LSAT again and it was funny because everybody else was standing around freaking out and I felt just fine. It was easy for me to just relax and have fun, which is completely opposite from my last experience with this test. I recommended A New Day Hypnosis to one of my coworkers because I feel so much better about things now and I think that other people can benefit in the same way. Law school is such a huge undertaking, but I feel confident now that I can go into it, master the concepts, and be successful.

Other: Jarrett

Jarrett Fisher (study skills)
Austin, TX

I've had problems with study skills my whole life. It was stressful for me because sometimes I didn't study very well and I didn't get good grades. Because I wasn't doing well in school, I had a bad attitude and I was a real smart aleck. I knew that I was out of control and it was affecting the way that I learned. I would be talking to friends more than I was listening and studying, so I was getting bad grades.

My parents and teachers were yelling at me a lot. I got grounded and my life was getting really boring. I had my phone, my TV, and my X-Box taken away because my grades were so bad. My parents would tell me if I did what I was supposed to, then I would get my stuff back. It would work for a little while, but when they gave me my things back, I went right back to the way I used to be. We tried medicine out and it wasn't working very well, so the doctor took me off of it. I tried tutoring and it helped me understand a little bit better, but they weren't really teaching me a whole lot.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis when my mom found out about it on the internet. I read the comments from people and I thought that it would work. I started to notice results after my first session. I was studying more and getting better grades. I had better focus and concentration and I feel a lot less stressed and worried.

I feel more confident now because I know that when I do my work earlier, I can do more things with my free time. I feel more in control because I'm not getting into trouble as much. I'm taking down notes in class and paying more attention to my teachers. I've learned how to study and that makes me feel a lot better.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants help with study skills because it works. It helped me learn how to control myself and get my work done on time. I know that I'm going to keep working at this and that makes me confident that I'll continue to make more progress.

Procrastination: Alison

Alison Carrasco
Biology Student
Austin, TX

I've had problems with procrastination since elementary school, but it's steadily gotten worse over the years. I felt like I didn't have any control over my behavior. It was like living in someone else's body at times. I would look at things and have the intention to do them, but feel physically and emotionally paralyzed. My issues with procrastination kept me from completing major goals in my life. I wasn't as effective as I could be at my job because I was unfocused and wasting time.

This issue has kept me from graduating from college and doing the things in my life that I wanted to do. I didn't think that I would be able to get through the semester and graduate, so I knew that I needed help. I've tried the typical regiment of self-help book, I'd read up on procrastination and did some exploring, but I couldn't find a solution on my own, so I decided to get somebody else to help. Mentally, I've always known that I could do it, but emotionally I didn't believe that I could. I did some internet research about A New Day Hypnosis and got a lot of good feedback from former clients, so I decided to call.

I started noticing that I was more relaxed after the first session. I felt less anxious when I studied, which was a really big deal for me. I'm getting more done now and my mental barriers are dissipating. It's been easier to get started on things and I have fewer propensities to avoid things.

This has been the first time that I've ever seen any improvement in this throughout my entire life, so it's been pretty incredible. Things have been much easier to do than before. I've felt a lot better long term and much more motivated. It's easier for me to overcome the anxiety and I'm getting more things done with less stress. I feel more confident because I realize that I can do things and that gives me a sense of control. It's actually feasible for me to graduate now.

My life has improved because I'm able to get things done and I'm not frustrated with myself the way that I used to be. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome procrastination. Laura is really good at breaking down a lot of the components that go into procrastination and addressing them. She's good at helping to identify the patterns of behavior and that makes it much more beneficial. I can see the improvement in myself and I'm confident that I'll continue to improve.

Other: Marlene

Marlene Fridley (positive thinking)
Graduate Student
Austin, TX

I've had issues with my mother that have affected my outlook for as far back as I can remember. I've tried self-help books and lots of therapy, going from traditional psychotherapy to alternative therapies. You name it, I've done it. The issues I was facing were keeping me from having good relationships, working, performing my best at school, and having a healthy lifestyle. I felt out of control because I had the intention, but I couldn't make myself do the things that I needed to do because the follow through was missing.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis when I saw an advertisement at Magnolia Cafè. I had doubts that I could undergo hypnosis because of a previous experience where I couldn't be hypnotized in the past. Within a week of my first appointment, I noticed that my attitude about my mother had shifted. I was able to stay neutral with her and that was my first inkling that I should go back to see Laura again.

I feel more hopeful now and have a greater sense of control. In dealing with my mother, I find myself being much clearer about my boundaries in general. I'm getting things done that had been sitting there for a really long time. I've also noticed that my relationship with my boyfriend has improved.

I feel more confident. When I started doing this, I wasn't sure what people expected of me and now I don't have that level of anxiety when I meet new people. I'm also much more conscious of my own self-talk. I don't feel like I have to be everyone's new best friend and that's been a relief for me. Outside of all the improvements that I've noticed, the best benefit has been having the sessions to listen to. Listening to the CDs has been easy because it feels really good when I do it. It's something that I can do for the rest of my life and having that ability is comforting to me.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome similar types of issues because the subconscious mind is very powerful, especially if you tend to be overly analytical like myself. I think doing this process brings me more into balance as I spend meaningful time in my subconscious mind. Although there are still times when I feel resistance, I'm confident that as I progress, I know that I'll be better than I ever have before.

When I came in for the first appointment and we talked, I thought Laura was crazy when she suggested that she could help me with my problems in five sessions because I've been dealing with this stuff for 47 years and nothing had ever been fixed in five sessions. I realize now that I was wrong because I've seen so much improvement in myself.

Other: Amy

Amy Rupp (insomnia)
Bastrop, TX

I've had bad sleep habits since college and I remember having to make up sleep when I was working too hard, but my problem was manageable until the last two years. I spent my Spring Break vacation trying to get the grading done and the reports turned in, so I stayed up late that whole week. I was focused on work and trying to make the goals of the job and get things done and I overextended myself. After that, I couldn't sleep anymore. As time went on, my anxiety increased about going to bed. I would end up losing sleep during the week and then sleeping all weekend, but I never caught up. I would try to do things that would make me sleepy. I took hot baths, I took deep breaths, and I would read and try not to think about it. I'd get tired, fall asleep, and then wake up again or I would end up reading until 2am.

I'd tried listening to guided relaxation CDs and they didn't do anything for me, so eventually my doctor prescribed a sleep medication. It was miserable for me. Sleep was all that I focused on and I was tired regardless of what I did or what I tried. It got to the point where I really started to resent bed time. I could usually make it through the week, but by the time it got to Thursday I hit the wall and I would depend on Ambien to fall asleep at night and Ritalin during the day to stay awake. I felt trapped and out of control. I couldn't see any way out of the pattern. Bedtime became a big monster for me and I felt really angry about it and started to take it out on my husband.

I heard about Laura from my doctor who suggested her services when I told him that I wanted to get rid of the Ambien. The first time that I met with her, I realized that there were a lot of things that I hadn't been seeing and working on my insomnia revealed some other things for me to work on and improve in my life.

At this point, I haven't used any sleep medication in a month and it's been great for me. I can have fun now because I'm sleeping regularly and I don't have to waste all weekend trying to catch up on my sleep. I've also noticed that I have more energy. I don't feel anxious about going to sleep and can set my own schedule now and feel more in control. I feel confident now because I know that I can get to sleep on my own.

I'm now able to sleep in the bed with my husband without being disturbed by his breathing or moving around and I can even sleep with the TV on in the next room. I would definitely recommend A New Day Hypnosis because there's been a lot more to it than just overcoming my insomnia. It's been really empowering to me and it's a wonderful natural way to solve the problem. I'm confident that this is permanent because I'm able to sleep restfully on my own and that's been a miracle for me.