Stop Smoking: Mark

Mark Peterson
Spa Worker
Austin, TX

I'd been a smoker for 20 years and I've been tobacco free for three months now. I was smoking a pack a day and I thought that because of the stress of my job there was no way that I could ever quit. I would get so wound up at the desk at work and I would release it when I had a cigarette. I had doubts because of my many failures at quitting in the past.

I'd tried quitting with willpower alone and it was always a battle, I was just looking for justification to go back to smoking. I'd try, give up, and try again and it never worked out. I tried the lozenge, but my addiction hasn't ever been physical, so it didn't do anything for me. I felt frustrated that I was spending money on something that was killing me. After a while I just felt like an idiot, but I couldn't stop. Cigarettes were the mortar between the bricks for me. I thought that it was holding me together.

I smoked like a fiend the day that I met with Laura, but I still managed to quit after my first session. It was surprisingly easy. I've found that I don't get as upset and I'm a lot more even keel now. I feel better about myself and I'm proud because I've been trying forever and have been amazed that I did it. I was shocked the first time I noticed how strong the smell was when someone walked in after a cigarette and I wanted to write an apology to anyone that I'd subjected to my stinky tobacco smell.

Hypnosis has calmed me down and everyone around me has been amazed. The temptation to smoke has never been the Battle Royale that I remembered when I'd quit in the past. My level of desire to smoke has been equivalent to a movie that you kind of wanted to see, but the show was sold out. It was just an "oh well, that's kind of a bummer" type of feeling. I would sometimes feel temptation, but it was always manageable. It's felt right to stay tobacco free this time and it hasn't been a struggle.

I feel much more in control now. I feel more confident and I know that I'm bigger and stronger than the addiction. Hypnosis has eliminated the urges and cravings for me. I can't believe the ease of achieving something that after repeated attempts I hadn't been able to achieve on my own.

I would recommend Laura's services in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to stop smoking. Hypnosis has helped me to rise above the limitations that I believed about myself. In fact, when I decided to try hypnosis, there were two other people at work who were going to quit at the same time that I did. They both backed out and, of the three of us, I would have bet on either of those two before I'd bet on myself.

I was such a long shot and that's where I credit A New Day Hypnosis for helping me to get success. Also four days after I quit smoking, I faced one of the hardest losses that I could endure when my dog of thirteen years died. She was my buddy and she had been through so much with me, but I still didn't break. I've faced such a huge test and survived it, so now I'm confident that I'm a nonsmoker permanently.