Stop Smoking: Paige

Paige Martin
Office Manager
Austin, TX

I'd been a social smoker for several years, but it was never a habit until I got married. After our wedding day, it had been a social weekend and we had a pack left when we got home. We said we'd quit after we finished it, but it just continued from there until it had been a year and a half and we were still smoking. I always coped with stress with cigarettes. My husband I would try to quit, but it always turned into fights and I would feel stressed and want to smoke. I would find out he'd had a cigarette and get really mad. I considered myself the weakest link when it came to quitting and I couldn't stick with it.

I always tried to talk myself out of smoking and I even tried to quit with the patch, but it burned my skin, so I gave up. I always hoped that it was something that I could break through, but it was just so hard. My friends hated it and I always got lectures, but it didn't phase me. I felt out of control and it was awful. I never told my family that I smoked, so I would make up excuses to run errands so that I could sneak cigarettes in the car. I was lying to them and I couldn't control my urges. I realized that I was also getting sick a lot. I had bronchitis and didn't smoke, but once I got better I decided that I could really use one.

I found A New Day Hypnosis when I did a Google search and read some reviews on citysearch. People had good things to say about the business, so I decided to call. I knew that I was ready for it to be over; I just needed some assistance to get there. I've always believed in alternative therapies and I thought it would be worth giving it a try.

I've been tobacco free for a month now. I feel a lot better physically and I'm exercising more. I can exercise for longer periods of time each day and I'm building up more stamina and I'm not out of breath as much. Through the day I've been feeling healthier and more positive and I see new improvements all the time. I feel better about myself and I don't stink anymore or have to worry constantly that my family is going to find out. My husband has seen that this is working for me and I'm done with it, which will make it easier for him to quit when he's ready.

Now I can safely get in my car and do what I have to do without even thinking about having a cigarette. It's a good feeling to reach my goals. I found things to replace the smoking and I've started taking more time to think about what makes me happy. Just driving home and not having to think about cigarettes has made it so much easier. I would definitely recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it works. I feel empowered and in control of my life and I know that I'm tobacco free permanently because I've worked so hard to achieve this goal and there's no way that I would give up on myself now that I've come so far.