Stop Smoking: Melanie

Melanie Rehmet
Hotel Assistant Manager
Austin, TX

I was a smoker for eleven years. I was embarrassed that my car stank and always worried about running out of cigarettes or not having a lighter. I got tired of trying to find places where I was allowed to smoke.

Three years ago I stopped smoking because I was really sick and didn't smoke, and then I just continued from there. I had a personal conflict in my life and that's when I realized that I was really addicted to cigarettes. I decided to have a cigarette at a party when I was stressed and that was enough to continue smoking. I tried to quit after that, but it was very difficult. I would always think about smoking, it was so hard for me. At one point, my dad and I went to see a healer to stop smoking. My dad was able to quit, but I still couldn't.

I'd wanted to stop smoking for about a year when I saw a flyer for A New Day Hypnosis at Café Mundi. I had been thinking about trying hypnosis for years, but I'd never taken the initiative to find out more about it. I looked at the website when I got home and it seemed promising, so I decided to call.

I quit after my first session and I haven't had a cigarette in six weeks now. Hypnosis made stopping smoking much easier for me; it didn't feel hard at all. I used to always take smoke breaks at work, but after this it hasn't been hard for me to be at work and stay tobacco free. I've noticed other improvements as well, my throat is clearing and I'm breathing better. I exercise more and I'm eating much better.

I know that I used cigarettes to relieve stress, so now I'm learning other ways to deal with it. I find that I'm much better at expressing myself when I'm uncomfortable and sharing my frustrations with other people. I find that it's much easier for me to talk about situations that involve conflict with other people, which I didn't do before.

I feel free now and so relieved that I don't have to worry about having this addiction in my life. I feel more confident and know that if I can do this, I can do other things easily as well. It's had a really big impact on my life.

I've recommended A New Day Hypnosis to friends and coworkers because I want the people I care about to have the same freedom that I have now. I'm confident that I am a nonsmoker permanently because I have no desire to go back and I feel much more in control. I've come so far already and this is my chance, so I don't want to throw it away.