Stop Smoking: Rick

Rick V.
Jonestown, Texas

I'd been a smoker for fifteen years and stopped smoking immediately after my first session. I've tried every method that's out there. I've done gum and patches to avoid withdrawals because I didn't think very clearly with withdrawals; I was grumpy and it was hard to function. My big thing had always been that alcohol and cigarettes were tied together. When I quit in the past, I'd stopped drinking as well, but within a couple of times of drinking, I went right back to smoking. I noticed in social situations with alcohol that if I didn't smoke, my teeth would really start to hurt and that drove me crazy. I felt out of control. Personally, it was demoralizing to feel like that. It was impacting my self esteem.

There's a stigma with hypnosis and I thought of it as quackery, so I had some reservations about it. I'm not a new age person and my impression had always been that it would be all fluffy, so I was a little worried about trying it out. After I heard about A New Day hypnosis on, I decided to give it a shot and see what it was really like.

After my first session, I felt different about smoking than I've felt before; I wasn't worried anymore and I felt like it wasn't going to be an issue. It's been very easy. I haven't had to fight with myself and it's not in the back of my mind anymore. I don't feel that conflict that I've felt in the past.

I noticed that I feel better now and I can walk up and down the hill at my house a lot easier. I feel clearer mentally. I even noticed the first time that I drank beer I felt like something was missing, but I still didn't want to smoke. After that, it didn't bother me at all and I haven't had a cigarette in over two months now.

I feel more in control now and I know that I'm making better choices and doing the things that I want to do. I have a choice now and I don't have urges, cravings or desire to smoke.

I haven't gained weight and in fact, I've even lost some weight. I feel more alert now because I don't have the nicotine running through my system. I've recommended A New Day Hypnosis to people who want to stop smoking because it worked for me. I'm confident that I'm a nonsmoker because I've been in lots of social situations involving alcohol and haven't had any desire to smoke.