Healthy Lifestyle: Amy

Amy Braden
Design and Production Manager
Austin, TX

I've struggled with my weight all my life, but specifically since I started working in the last ten years. It kept going up and up, but never went down. I tried pretty much everything; I did Weight Watchers and lost some weight, but ultimately didn't sustain the weight loss. I tried Jenny Craig for two months and it was short lived because I was always thinking about food and obsessing over it. I tried Adkins and lost a little weight and then gained it all back. I found that I had to distract myself to not think about food and eventually lost motivation and just stopped. I felt like food was controlling me. I ate out of stress and would buy a bag of peppermint patties and they wouldn't last the day at my office.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis through My mom had used hypnosis for weight loss and had success, so I was motivated to try it. I started to notice changes in my behavior right away; I gave up the sweets at night, which had always been my biggest downfall. In college, I was playing sports and would skip meals and eat sweets instead; I would cut out the chicken and green beans and eat ice cream for dinner. Now that the issue with sweets is cured it feels so weird to me. It's crazy to me because it's been I'd had this problem for 30 years and now it's just gone. I feel more in control now and it's easy for me to avoid sweets.

This process has been very easy, I don't have the cravings and I don't think about it. My mind isn't constantly focused on where my next meal is coming from. I'm exercising a lot more consistently and that's been great. I've slowly increased my cardio and I can see the improvement in my endurance. I'm also doing much better with food at restaurants, which had also been a problem for me. Now I'll take half of it home and make two meals out of my dinner. I've completely eliminated stress eating and I don't have to eat sweets to reward myself. Instead, I catch up on my magazines at the gym as my reward for my hard work.

I feel more confident because I can see the change in the way my clothes fit and increasing my cardio workout. My mother and husband have both commented that my jeans are fitting differently. I can see my progress and feel like my whole life is in control. I know that these changes and my weight loss are permanent because I don't have to think about anymore, I just do it. I know that there's no reason why I can't sustain this and I would recommend A New Day hypnosis to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle because I've found a lot of success with it.