Healthy Lifestyle: Anna

Anna Davies
Round Rock, TX

I've struggled with my weight for almost eleven years and it's been really frustrating. I was having a lot of difficulty with anxiety, which was affecting my weight. I felt really out of control. When I'm anxious, I don't eat right and I get very uptight and I don't sleep well. I'm cranky with my kids and I don't get good sleep. I felt shaky and use food to calm me down. I would have a snack for a meal and an hour later I was snacking again. I thought I might break down and start crying or beat my head against the wall or something, so it was a little scary for me.

At this point in my life, I've tried harder than I ever had before to control my weight and I just couldn't do it. I tried lots of eating plans and I would lose a little bit and then quit losing weight and stop doing the plan. I also did massive amounts of exercise, but that didn't really help either.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on It took me a month to pick up the phone and schedule my appointment. I wasn't sure what to expect because hypnosis was an unknown for me. I was afraid that I was going to be brought back to childhood or do something strange.

I noticed changes after the first time I met with Laura. I immediately felt a lot calmer. It's been a lot easier for me to stick with a healthy eating plan. I'm better able to control anxiety and I'm handling it more healthfully. When other people around me are upset I'm able to stay calm and I don't take on negative energy or stress myself out. My husband gets anxious sometimes and I just tell him to calm down and I don't buy into the drama. If he gets upset, I stand up for myself without getting emotional.

I'm not overeating anymore. We went to Fresh Choice the other day and even my kids had more to eat than I did. I'm eating more regular meals. If I do have a snack, I'm satisfied with a little bit and I'm able to stop myself. If I'm in the middle of an unhealthy behavior I just stop to regroup because I don't have the desire to do it anymore. My mom and my kids have noticed a change in my behaviors and my mom and husband said that I looked smaller.

I feel more confident and don't compare myself negatively to others all the time. My biggest benefit has been feeling more focused on what I want and not having the anxiety about things. I can be happy now and if I feel I'm getting stressed out, I have tools that will work for me for the first time in a very long time.

I believe that these changes and my healthy lifestyle will be permanent. I've learned how to listen to myself and it's helped me to calm down and take a more realistic view. I put my attention on what I want to happen instead of worrying. I've already recommended Laura to friends who want a healthy lifestyle because she's great. I feel like hypnosis is a really valuable tool for me. I've had a lot of people comment on the change in me; I'm able to calm myself down when I'm starting to feel stressed and I just keep going.