Healthy Lifestyle: Beverly

Beverly Haldiman
Process Management Consultant
Austin, TX

I've struggled with my weight my entire life. It was like I was on a roller coaster; I was constantly getting on or off a diet. It was horrible because I've always been in a state of overindulgence or deprivation. I talked ugly to myself and beat myself down. My biggest problem has always been overeating. I thought that food would make me feel better, but it was just a temporary solution for my problems.

I've attempted to change my eating habits in lots of different ways. I've tried every diet under the sun, artificial sweeteners, and diet pills. I even tried hypnosis in the past with a creepy guy, but it didn't work that well. I did the Opti-fast liquid diet twice and lost a lot of weight, but gained it right back when it was over. I can't even count how many times I've done Weight Watchers. I felt out of control and no matter what I did, I never really mastered my weight problem. My friend Tommy recommended A New Day Hypnosis to me when he was able to stop smoking with their help and he made me a believer.

I noticed changes immediately. I felt positive and began to believe that making this change was possible. It was an evolution that was getting to the real issues instead of just putting a band aid on things the way that I'd done in the past. It's been very easy because Laura is easy to talk to and her methodology gets to the heart of the problem. She doesn't preach or tell you what to do. She's good at getting me to say things that I didn't know that I was thinking or feeling and I've come to a lot of self-realizations through this process. I like the way that she remembers things about me, a lot of times when you go to the doctor, they don't have a clue what they did the last time, but Laura always makes me feel like I'm important to her.

I feel like I have a support structure that I can rely on forever. I can exercise control because I'm more self-aware, I have a little voice in my head that reminds me of what I need to be doing every day. When I see myself creeping back into bad habits, I'll listen to my sessions and change the way that I feel about things. The biggest thing for me has been recognizing my behaviors and having a dialogue about it.

With hypnosis, it's like the little secret in my back pocket. Before I eat, I ask myself if I'm really hungry. When I go to a restaurant, I almost always put half of the food in a to-go box before I have the first bite because I'm aware of what I'm doing now. My body has become my friend and not my enemy. People have commented that I've calmed down and seem a lot happier. I feel more confident and know that I have control now.

My biggest benefit has been that I've been able to work on issues that I wouldn't do anything about if I were on my own. It's been really satisfying to actually intellectualize what's going on and come up with a solution. When it comes to eating habits, it's a very complicated thing because you've got to eat every day. I know that I'm done with going up and down and I'm ready to age well and be a healthy old person who has fun.

I've recommended A New Day Hypnosis to lots of people because it's a good process, Laura cares about what she's doing and it shows. She really helps people get to the root of their problems instead of giving a band-aid and that has been invaluable to me.