Healthy Lifestyle: Becky

Becky Helton
State Employee
Austin, TX

I have always struggled with my weight and spent a large part of my life being depressed and thinking way too much food. I've been on so many food plans that I was able to know, without consulting anything, exactly how many calories I had consumed every day. Teenagers have better things to do with their time and it wasn't a fun way to spend my adolescence. When I wasn't compulsively counting calories, I would wipe it all from my brain and never think in any way shape or form about food or exercise, which was also not healthy.

As far as diet programs go, you name it, I've done it. I did the Scarsdale for four months and I've tried every single fad diet that exists. I even bought Susan Powter's book back in the 80's when it came out. I've exercised and paid attention to what I ate. I even did The Zone a couple of years ago and felt like I needed a slide rule to eat lunch; that made me feel more nervous. I was thinking about food all the time and I don't want to think about food that hard. I lost weight, but I'm sure that at least five pounds was due to energy expended in freaking out that I had my food ratios wrong. In everything that I tried, I would lose weight, but was never able to sustain it. I felt out of control because I wasn't progressing and felt like I was just stuck.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis when I saw a flyer at the Wheatsville Co-op and decided to call. This has been so much easier than anything else that I've tried. I started to notice changes in my outlook almost immediately. I had a plan and I became more conscious about trying to get to bed earlier so that I could get up and exercise. I really like having these tools and a sense of control. This process has been easy for me because I let the information seep into my brain, so it isn't much of a challenge. I never felt tense or nervous about it and it didn't require any effort on my part. I'm getting better sleep and I see progress, which gives me a greater sense of control.

I feel more confident because now I know that I can do it. My biggest benefit has been learning how to be patient with my body because this process isn't magic and it doesn't happen right away. When I was able to let go of that belief, it became a lot easier not to get fed up, or say "why bother".

I feel confident with everything that I've learned that I have tools to keep me on the right path. I've gone down around two clothing sizes so far and when I saw my mom and my brother recently, they commented that I was looking good, which helped me to see my progress even more.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle. It's painless and it gives you a good plan. Everyone may not to learn the same things that I did, but there are always things that everyone can learn and improve upon.