Healthy Lifestyle: Donald

Donald Redman
Bus Driver
Austin, TX

I've struggled with my weight for probably fifteen years, but I really didn't have a problem with it until I had a stint put in my heart. The doctor told me that I had to lose weight, so I really starved myself to death and just didn't eat. I lost about thirty pounds that way, but I've gained back ten pounds since then. I learned about A New Day Hypnosis by accident when I was looking for something on Craigslist. I decided to do a program with Laura because I knew that I needed to do something and she seemed like she could help me.

I started to notice changes in my behavior right away. After my first session, I was eating smaller portions, chewing slower, and watching what I ate. I feel much more in control now, I'm more aware of what I eat and include things in my diet that will help control my appetite. I've added protein to my meals and more exercise. Now I lift weights and work out in the gym. I've also noticed that I'm sleeping much better.

In the past, I would come home and be starving and I'd eat the refrigerator before I realized that I'd eaten too much. Now, even after exercising, when I come home from work I'm still not starving and I have a reasonable meal. My wife has noticed my changes and is trying to do some of the same things that I'm doing. She's adding yogurt to her breakfast and paying more attention to what she eats.

My biggest benefit has been gaining confidence that I can control my diet. I would recommend Laura's services because I think that she's very professional and has done a good job helping me. She's shared a lot of good ideas and pointed me in the right direction. Having the reinforcement has been a good tool to keep on the straight and narrow. I believe that I'll keep on going with these changes because I am committed to making this permanent and I've made so many important changes already.