Healthy Lifestyle: Lana

Lana S.
Business Analyst
Austin, TX

I've struggled with my weight for the last 20 years and it's been very stressful. I've tried dieting and exercise at different times in my life, but I've never had any luck sticking to a system. Making healthy choices was always in a temporary mindset. I'd go through the diet or exercise until I got down to the size I wanted to be and then I'd go back to living my life and gain it all back. I tried to eat less by skipping meals and did all the wrong things. I'd be too tired or get out of the habit of exercising and just give up. I felt out of control and it was scaring me because I saw the direction that I was heading in. I was eating to the point where I was miserable because I was so full. I was eating a lot of ice cream and chocolate out of boredom and I felt unhealthy.

I had a friend in Dallas who was doing hypnosis for weight loss and she recommended that I try it. My friend had been successful with it and I trusted her opinion, so I didn't have any concerns about using hypnosis. I heard about A New Day Hypnosis when I did a search for hypnotherapists in Austin and heard about Laura. I decided to call because I liked Laura's approach and it seemed like she could help me.

I was really serious about making a lifestyle change and figured that this would be the best way to make that happen. I noticed changes in my behaviors immediately. I started eating smaller portions and stopped skipping meals. I was also drinking a lot more water. I liked it because Laura gave me very well defined goals in detail to help me develop a new lifestyle.

It's been an easy process for me. There has been a subtle shift in the way that I think and now this is just the way that I live my life. I drink lots of water, I work out every day, and I'm not snacking anymore. I don't crave sweets and I don't miss them. Right now, I'm going through a huge stressful thing and I haven't craved chocolate. I actually find myself craving healthier foods and fast food doesn't even sound good to me anymore.

I feel rested now and I've started waking up before my alarm goes off. I've gone down almost a clothing size so far and I have so much more energy. I feel more in control and it's so much better. I have more confidence because I'm achieving what I want to do instead of just giving in to old habits and beating myself up about it. I'm my own cheerleader when I do what's right and that encourages me to stay on track.

Stress doesn't affect me in the same way. I just try to relax and I'm more reasonable instead of jumping to the worst case scenario all the time. Hypnosis has helped me to eliminate snacking, binging, and overeating. I'm better equipped to deal with cravings. I'll have a bite to get the reward of the taste without eating a whole piece of cake.

I'm doing the right thing now and my confidence has been built on that. The best thing about this has been the change in my mindset. I have a healthy life plan and I put my own health and happiness first. I know that this is going to be long term and I can tell the difference because it's real to me now. I know that these changes will be permanent because this is the way that I plan on living the rest of my life. I'm not trying to lose weight for a vacation or an event. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it's helped me and I'm stubborn. I know that if this can help me than it can help anybody.