Stop Smoking: Cindy

Cindy Burrow
Business Owner
Austin, TX

I had been a pack a day smoker for more than 25 years. I don’t think that anyone who smokes is proud that they smoke. It’s such a huge source of shame in ways that I think smokers don’t even realize. I used to smoke and procrastinate; when I had a task that had to get done, instead of doing it, I would just be outside every five minutes chain smoking. I tried to quit cold turkey and I would have one little stress and I would go right back to it. I’m a very determined person, but I couldn’t do it on my own.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on yelp and I was ready for a change, so I decided to schedule an appointment. My perspective shifted very quickly to becoming a nonsmoker and I haven’t had a cigarette for a month and a half. My allergies have gotten a lot better and I can breathe more easily. I’ve noticed that I’m not waking up with a sore throat anymore. Exercising is way easier for me and I have much better endurance.

Hypnosis made me more present in my state of mind and helped me understand what was going on with me. This process has been about becoming more aware of what the smoking was really about. Being able to analyze it and understand it has been very helpful; it’s been a big mental shift.

Lately, I’ve been through experiences that I consider very stressful. I did my taxes over the weekend and I attended a parent meeting at my son’s school and I didn’t smoke either time. I don’t think I have ever been confident that I could have a life without cigarettes, but now I am. I have this accomplishment and I don’t have to worry about how I smell or the way that my teeth look. In general, I walk into a room and feel like I can hold my head high. I walk my son to school with a smile on my face and I’m not worried about what people think of me.

The most important benefit for me has been that I know that I’m a nonsmoker. I think that hypnosis has helped me to look at other things in a different way and understand the other issues that I’m dealing with. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to stop smoking because I’m an open-minded person who is also pretty skeptical and I feel like if it worked for me than it can work for others. I know that there are some people out there that can quit with willpower alone, but I don’t think that there are many of them.

I’m confident that I’m a nonsmoker permanently because this feels different from any other time that I’ve quit. I’m thinking about a better future for myself in lots of ways, not just with smoking. I know what I really want and I’m happy to stay on track. I’ve done something really hard and that makes me feel capable, worthy, and strong and I have a real sense of certainty that I am a nonsmoker.