Stop Smoking: Fred

Fred von Gortler
Retired Military
Lampasas, TX

I had been a smoker for over 35 years and I was smoking up to four packs a day. I would get up and reach for a pack in the morning and snub out a cigarette as my last activity of every day. I rewarded myself with cigarettes and really relied on them to help me handle my problems. I hacked my lungs out every morning and my breathing was labored. Intellectually, I was aware of the dangerous chemicals and negative effects that smoking had on my life. I knew that there were severe negative health effects on my body and that I was shortening my life. I knew that both myself and my home smelled foul to others because the smell of old cigarettes is unpleasant, but I couldn’t quit. I felt out of control of my addiction.

I’ve used the patches and nicotine gum in an attempt to quit. It would help me get through a long flight, but as soon as I was in a different environment, it was just easier to light up. Several decades ago I used hypnosis to stop smoking and I was able to stay tobacco free for five years. It worked well, but I had several traumatic events in my military career and one particular event sent me back to smoking. I decided that I was ready to try again, so I did a Google search. Most of the hypnosis websites in the area seemed to be self-serving, but A New Day Hypnosis seemed to be more genuine.

I smoked my last cigarette just before my appointment and I haven’t had a cigarette in over six weeks. The hypnosis seemed to plant those seeds of success and I noticed immediately that I didn’t have stress, anxiety, or the emotional trauma of quitting smoking. Hypnosis also eliminated urges and cravings.

I feel more in control now. I chose to be a nonsmoker and a cleaner, healthier, better human being. I have more energy and stamina and I have a better self-image. My breathing is clear and it’s easier to get up the stairs. Almost all the people who know me have noted that I’m not smoking anymore. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to stop smoking because this process works and it has other benefits beyond smoking cessation.

I feel more confident. I’m more aware of my environment and I’m more in tune with the negatives of tobacco on society. We have worked on many things and delved into different aspects of my psychology. These sessions have helped me think more about why I shield or hide or bury stressors and anger and how to pursue resolution of the different issues in my life.

The most important benefit for me has been that our sessions have led to a greater understanding of why I do what I do and what I can do to adapt and change my relationships. I’m fairly confident that my life will go more smoothly from here. The lifestyle change is important and getting to the underlying stressors and reasons for smoking creates potential for more well-being, awareness, and physical health. Laura’s practice is genuine, she is a good practitioner and she knows her craft well and creates a learning environment where there is mutual respect. Laura is a real person and has managed to relate to me and my unique experiences and understand what has happened to get me to where I am right now. She has given me positive suggestions on how to adapt my attitudes and behaviors so that life is better from here.

The hypnotherapy has been a tool to get past the physiological discomfort of smoking cessation and the continued work has helped to assist me with other life stressors so that I can be a permanent nonsmoker. I feel confident that I am a nonsmoker permanently because I have the tools, the desire, and the willpower. I have a hard-headed personality and I hate it when people try to tell me what I can do, so my choice to stop smoking cigarettes is my choice and I know that I am going to stick with it.