Stop Smoking: Gail

Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper
Austin, TX

I was a pack a day smoker for 26 years and the health, financial, and social implications were becoming so negative that I felt out of control. Going out to dinner and having to go away and smoke and fit it was so irritating and airports and travel were a nightmare. I was killing myself and I had become a part of the minority in society; I felt like such a leper and had so much shame about smoking. I saw what cancer did to my folks and I didn't want that for myself.

When I attempted to quit before, I would get hours into it and give up. I was afraid of the physical withdrawal and didn't want to experience the uncontrollable anger that happened to me when I wasn't smoking. My father died of lung cancer in 2007 and since then I had been a closet smoker, but the shame was getting to be too much.

I was smoking more and more, so I tried Zyban to quit, but I was worried about what it was doing to my brain chemistry. I didn't have confidence that it would work and I knew deep down that the pill wasn't going to fix the problem for me. I've done the gum and it didn't take away any cravings. I don't know how many boxes of patches I've bought over the years, and even though it fed the nicotine, there was something else going on and the patch wasn't fixing the problem.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on google. I read the reviews and realized that this was my last chance and I was really ready to do it. I quit smoking immediately after my first session. Days after the session, we lost my dog and my husband and daughter were so amazed that I didn't start again after such a traumatic experience.

I don't know why, I can't explain it, but after the first day, smoking just was no longer an option and I didn't think about it anymore. I have been tobacco free for over six months now and it has been incredibly easy. My life is so much better without it and I feel more in control. I'm not expending my energy trying to suppress anger and I'm not a slave to the addiction anymore.

I don't have to worry about having enough cigarettes and I'm putting aside the 35 dollars a week that I was spending into my savings account and I'm amazed at how fast that is adding up. I can breathe deeper and make it up the thirteen steps to my house without having to stop and catch my breath. I feel more confident. When I go to a doctor, I have a lot of pride in saying that I'm a non-smoker. I love the freedom of it and I'm so amazed at how easy and painless this has been for me. I am healthier and I can breathe and that is the best thing about this process for me.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because all of my other attempts at quitting smoking have been an anger nightmare, but this has been a really enjoyable experience. Laura is easy to talk to and very approachable, but she's not willing to let you off the hook. She's passionate about people and she holds you accountable and never let you slide. I am confident that I'm a nonsmoker permanently because I see the benefits of how good I feel and how much happier I am as a person. I'm glad it's finally behind me. It's just no longer an option for me and that is such a relief.