Stop Smoking: Lara

Austin, TX

I've been a smoker for the last twenty years. I would try and cut back and I could find excuses to justify why it was okay for me to have one more. The last time I had a respiratory infection it was easy to quit, but I was hanging out with a smoker and went back to it. I felt out of control and created excuses to smoke and then felt guilty afterwards.

I had a friend who used A New Day Hypnosis to quit smoking and she had a very successful experience, so I decided to call. I was really nervous that I wouldn't have the willpower to make it through and I had a slow start because I didn't try very hard, but once I committed myself wholeheartedly it got pretty easy. I've been tobacco free for a month now and I feel more in control. I can think about the conversations that I've had with Laura and the tools that I've gotten for those tough times, and it has really worked.

Hypnosis has eliminated the urges and cravings and I have been in several social settings with liquor and made it through them without smoking, which feels really good. I recognize that I can do it and I don't have to fool myself and lie about it anymore. It's not what I want in my life and I'm being honest and looking at myself and my actions in a different way. It feels good to know that I can apply the methods and actively participate in my goals.

Each week it gets easier and I'm breathing better and feeling stronger in my lungs. I feel really proud of myself that I can do it. I'm moving away from the old smoker persona and becoming more of the person that I want to be. The most important benefit for me has been having that outside person to talk to about my experience. The interactions with Laura have helped me to realize exactly what was going on and understand the underlying behavioral patterns that promoted my smoking. Laura is honest and direct and her influence has been very helpful to me.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to quit smoking. It definitely works, but you have to be serious about quitting and it does require both effort and work. When you approach it from a subconscious level you can really put things into action and get what you want. Being in tough situations and being able to say no and walk away has helped me to feel confident that I can do this permanently.