Anxiety: Serena

Serena Imperial
Business Analyst
Austin, TX

I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. It was affecting my sleep and my ability to interact with the people that are close to me. I wasn't able to relax and have a good time because I was always thinking about the things that I needed to do. I felt awful because I wasn't able to have good conversations with my kids and wasn't able to mentally be present in conversations or get work done. I didn't have as much control over my life as I wanted and I felt trapped. I felt hopeless and depressed because it didn't seem like I had any options in my life.

I've tried regular counseling to deal with the anxiety, but I didn't feel like it was very helpful. I've also tried self-help books. Some of them had good points that interested me, but a book can't gauge your reaction and point out something that you don't already know. The books didn't challenge me and I gravitated towards the things that I already agreed with and ignored the things that I didn't, so it wasn't that much of a help either.

I saw the sign for A New Day Hypnosis outside when I was eating lunch at Austin Java. I decided to call because I wanted to try an approach other than the basic talk therapy that I'd tried before. I noticed that I was able to go back to sleep after waking up instead of lying awake for hours. I was also able to be more comfortable in social settings. I feel like I have more control now and instead of just passively accepting everything, I am coming up with new ways to respond to issues in my life. . I stand up for myself more and feel more confident because I believe that I'm right and respond accordingly.

It's been really easy for me to relax and listen to the sessions. I look forward to my visits because I feel like Laura listens and understands better than anyone else that I've worked with. The most important benefit that I've received from A New Day Hypnosis is the ability to decrease anxiety and look at things differently. I am more empowered and I'm very happy with my progress. I really feel like I have taken control of my life.