Anxiety: Tracy

Tracy Anthony (anxiety)
Pflugerville, TX

I've had problems with anxiety and negative feelings for over a year now. It never used to be this way and it had gotten to the point where it was invading more and more pockets of my life. When I talked to people, I wouldn't talk very much and I had this constant inner dialogue that was really disruptive. I was afraid that I was offending people or worrying about what I should say next. When I met new people or even with current friends, my face turned really red and I felt like my true personality wasn't really being portrayed. I think that my nervousness was contagious and when I was around people, I made them feel nervous and uncomfortable. I felt like I just wasn't being me anymore. For a while I could work past it, but I started to feel sad because I couldn't connect with people. I needed a hand to grab me out and none of my family and friends could help me because they didn't really understand the problem.

I knew that things were starting to get out of control when I had a class that required that we give a presentation. The professor is brilliant and I was so happy to be able to be in the class, but I considered dropping it when I found out that I would have to stand up and talk in front of the group. I tried an anti-anxiety drug to control it, but it was really just a blood pressure drug that lowers your heart rate. It gave me headaches and although my heart wasn't beating as fast, I still felt really tense.

I really felt like I was slipping, so I looked up hypnotherapy on google. There was a huge list, but the business name 'A New Day Hypnosis' caught my attention. I saw the website and it looked like what I wanted. After I scheduled my appointment, I noticed the high rating on Citysearch, so I knew I'd gone to the right place. I remember coming in and just hoping that it would work. After the first session, I was a lot more confident in myself and who I was. I felt like I was more outgoing. I've also had some other side benefits, I immediately had better sleep, I have more control over my chocolate consumption, and I can think a lot more clearly. I also don't feel stressed when assignments come up.

It's been pretty easy. When I go home and listen to my sessions I feel really relaxed and I'm reminded of all the positive things that I'm learning. Talking in front of people has been fine. I feel more in control now and I can stay calm and recognize it if a feeling is coming up. The biggest thing I worried about before was my face turning red. If it happens now, I'm okay with it and because I'm more relaxed it doesn't happen as much. I'm more confident, I'm not thinking about how people are going to perceive me. I know that I'm a normal human being and I'm just fine. I can talk and be relaxed and it's really nice.

The most important benefit for me has been the confidence I've gained. I feel like myself again. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who needs help with anxiety because it works. I'm confident that I'm free of the anxiety and in social situations I feel so much more comfortable now. I have a speech coming up today and I know that if the symptoms come up, I won't be anxious. I know that I'm very prepared and that I'll do a good job.