Anxiety: Terri

Terri Wright
Interior Designer
Dripping Springs, TX

I've had problems with insomnia and anxiety for the last three months. It started out when I had a really bad respiratory infection and I found myself panicking at night when I couldn't breathe. I've always been even tempered and all of the sudden I was wigging out. I couldn't stop the panic and that was really scary for me. There were times when I would have such uncontrollable anxiety that I really felt like I was going crazy.

I tried listening to meditation tapes and they eventually helped me to calm down and sleep, but it really took a long time. It wasn't really helping me to focus on changes in my thinking because I was still feeling anxiety all the time. I felt out of control.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis from my husband Fred who came to see Laura for help with his insomnia. I was ready to do something. I figured out where the anxiety was stemming from and hypnosis helped me focus on what to work on. I noticed that I was staying calm and sleeping through the night and it's been a fairly easy process. I don't really have to think about it and it's more natural for me. I notice that if I feel a little anxiousness coming on, I know that I can overcome it. I have tools that can help me so that I'm not lost.

Because I'm sleeping better, I can think more clearly during the day. I'm more productive and focused with work because I have a lot more mental clarity. I don't feel crazy anymore and I'm making lots of other health improvements, too. I'm drinking more water, eating better, and my exercise has increased. Everything is coming together for me as a whole.

I have a greater sense of control now. If I feel a little anxious or unsettled, I can calm myself down. I feel like I went through a dark tunnel and I've come out into the light. I have a more positive outlook because I know that I've really accomplished something. I feel more confident because I'm not afraid of change anymore.

The most important thing that I've gotten out of this is my sanity. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants help with anxiety and insomnia because I've been successful and so has my husband. I feel confident that if I do wake up I can go right back to sleep and that's been such a relief to me.