Self-Confidence: Brooklyn

Brooklyn Cain
Account Representative
Cedar Park, TX

I've had problems with confidence and self-esteem for the last 20 years. I was sexually abused as a child and that has had a big impact on the way that I've felt about myself and it has also affected my relationships with men. I picked out the negative side of guys and dwell on things about them that weren't positive. It made me feel very uncomfortable. It's a dead end road and I keep hitting a wall. I felt out of control and it was terrible, I felt like I was a little ant and that the way I felt didn't matter. I was stuck with this person that wasn't really me. I tried counseling and went to ten sessions, but it didn't really work for me. I needed a different approach to my problem.

I've wanted to do hypnosis for a long time and when I saw good reviews about A New Day Hypnosis on yahoo, I decided to set up an appointment. After the first session, I started to notice that I had strength and that I was standing up for myself. I felt more laid back and relaxed. I'm happier now and more in control. Even though I have the same life and I'm doing the same things, I feel like I have more time. I'm not running around in circles all day long and I'm actually accomplishing more.

It's been very easy to change my behaviors. It's really simple, I just tell myself to do something and I do it. I used to be nervous to stand up to my husband or tell him what I thought, but I've really turned that around. In fact, the other night I pulled into the garage and noticed that I was too close to the side, so the door mirror was stuck to the side of the house. The more I moved, the worse it got. In the past, my heart would have been pounding and I would have been afraid that my husband was going to kill me. This time, I just told him what happened and he fixed it and wasn't mad at me. The best thing about the experience for me was the fact that I wasn't scared.

I feel like no one can mess with me anymore and that helps me to feel more in control. I do whatever I want and I feel much happier and healthier. I'm not stressed out or crying, I'm not holding in anything anymore and I feel like I'm me again. The most important benefit that I've received from this experience is the fact that I'm not nervous and afraid anymore. I would recommend Laura's services to anyone who wants to relieve stress and feel better about their abilities because everyone around me has noticed a huge difference and they're seeing that I'm happy now. I've conquered a lot of things and I have an inner strength now. I'm really confident about the changes that I've made. I grow more and more and get better and better every day as I continue to do the work that I'm doing. I'm confident that no one is going to walk over me and I won't be taken advantage of or be controlled. I'm no longer a doormat or a pushover and it feels really good.