Compulsive Behavior: Charlotte

Charlotte Summerlin (Tooth Grinding/ Bruxism)
Landscape Architect
Austin, TX

I've suffered from grinding my teeth for at least ten years. I've had two mouth guards. I had the soft one, but I bit through it, so I had to get a new one. I talked to the doctor and they didn't know what to do to help me. They were so fast to want to fix it. They didn't seem to consider that there might be a natural solution and not just a pill to prescribe.

I wanted help to stop my tooth grinding, not realizing that it was a result of a much bigger problem. I'd never really connected the grinding with the stress and anxiety that I'd been facing. I thought that grinding my teeth was just a habit that I had no control over. Stress and anxiety were ruining my life. I thought the problem was all because of my job, but I realized that it was really about the way that I'd been handling work.

I was working way too much and I didn't have a life during the week. I wasn't taking the time to do things that I needed to do on my own. I wouldn't fix my flat tire or go to the dentist because I couldn't leave work. I felt a little out of control. Work was so intense and it just never stopped. I felt like a hamster running on the wheel and I wasn't even able to see what I was running towards. I was so focused on getting everything done and I just kept getting more and more.

I'd told my office mate that my doctor wasn't helping me with teeth grinding and I wanted to look into hypnosis as an option, so she saw a flyer at the Daily Juice and got me the number. I noticed a complete difference after the first appointment when it came to stress at work. Once I knew what I needed to do it was easy. I began to make changes in my lifestyle and my attitude. I don't have pressure and pain in my chest or headaches anymore and there's been a dramatic improvement in my quality of life. The pain is gone and I feel better. I don't feel stressed, excitable, and wound up anymore. Now I'm taking care of myself and my priorities have shifted. I realize that I didn't have to live a life that's out of balance and totally focused on my job.

I feel much more in control now. I've gotten my life back and my focus is different. It's crazy feeling suddenly like I can do what I want. Now I can get home and have four or five hours and I don't have to do anything because my work isn't my life anymore.

The most important benefit that I've received was the realization that the life I was leading wasn't good for me at all. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome stress relief and teeth grinding. The hypnosis really helped me to learn how to relax. I'm confident that I have a handle on it and know what I can do to make it better because I'm aware of everything now.