Compulsive Behavior: Jerry

Jerry Soto (Nail Biting)
Austin, TX

I've been biting my nails for the last three years. I felt out of control and it wasn't very good. Sometimes I would be biting my nails and I didn't even notice that I was doing it. I felt like I couldn't stop and that made me feel bad.

My mom tried to help by buying gloves for me to wear so that I wouldn't bite my nails, but they didn't work because I took them off after a day and started biting again. For a while, we tried putting band aids on my fingers. It worked for a month, but they got itchy so I took them off. My mom would yell at me to make me stop, but that would only work for a few minutes and I would just go back to it.

I was making my mom frustrated and my nails weren't growing. I was embarrassed about my hands and ashamed of my nails. I thought about it all the time. I was damaging my nails and my mom was disappointed with me. I was afraid if I didn't stop it would get worse.

My mom found out about A New Day Hypnosis in the Coffee News and decided to make an appointment for me. I stopped biting my nails after I met with Laura for the first time. It's been really easy and I notice that I'm not anxious anymore. I have more confidence now and I feel more in control. I feel like I can do more things. After I stopped biting my nails, we worked on eating healthier food and exercising. Hypnosis made those things a lot easier for me too.

Laura has helped me by teaching me to get more control. I listen to my CDs and I don't know why it worked, it just did. I don't think about biting my nails anymore. I know that I'm not going to bite my nails again because now it's permanent.