Compulsive Behavior: Paul

Paul (Nail Biting)
Austin, TX

I have had uncontrolled urges to bite my nails when I am stressed since childhood. I haven't bitten my nails since the first session. My nail beds were painful from the biting. I was ripping the nails and the nail beds were bleeding. I have healthy nail beds. I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on google. Over the years, I've tried to stop biting my nails with sheer will power, getting manicures and thinking that spending money on nails would dissuade me from tearing them up. I would tell myself to stop and tried to remind myself. I've tried sitting on my hands and it never worked. It would only work for a week at the most, then they would grow back and I would be back to biting my nails. I got tired of failure through my own efforts and I wanted to try something else. It was embarrassing to be in a meeting and have nails that were uneven and chewed up and jagged. I put my hands under the table or cupped my hands and hid my nails on the table. I was worried that I would bite my nails in a meeting because I think that looks unprofessional. it is an external sign that is easy to see for other people that I don't have enough self-control to stop biting his nails, I thought people would wonder about other areas of my life that seemed out of control. It just became a frustration that I couldn't do this by myself. it seems like for almost everything in my life I could have control by making a plan and following through.

My stepdad had used hypnosis to stop smoking and I had never tried it before and I was just at the point where I wanted some help somewhere. It has been easy through this program. I think by talking through the issue and getting feedback. Taking into consideration the recommendations has definitely worked. My wife has noticed, my relatives have noticed. My brother bites his nails. My family has noticed that I have nails.

I felt out of control. The fact that I would end up whatever I tried would fail. The frustrating part to me was that I would eventually realize that I had my hand in my mouth and I didn't realize that I was doing it.

I feel more in control now. the urge to bite them has definitely gone away. if I do try to bite them, there is an awareness before I bite my nails. It's weird. That's the strange part of this, there is a definite awareness of what we talk about during the session, but the most powerful part of it is the subconscious piece of it that is there behind the rest of my being that knows I shouldn't be doing it. it is just there now. I feel more confident. I can be more relaxed in a meeting, because I am not trying to hide something. I feel more trusted by others and not give off this nervousness that someone will find out that I am a nail biter. It's hard to narrow it to one thing as the most important thing for me. definitely confidence, relaxation and self control. I have conquered the thing that I set out to conquer and it feels powerful. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis because it works. I have put up with this for thirty five years and I feel like I've conquered the nail biting. I am confident because I haven't bitten my nails since day one, I have awareness. It's been a month and a half. It's more than progress. I feel like I've solved it. I definitely like the hypnosis part of it. if I had just talked through the issue it would help, but the most powerful part is what is in your subconscious constantly working to break this habit.