Compulsive Behavior: S.P.

S. P. (Nail Biting)
Business Consultant
Austin, Texas

I've had a problem with nail biting since childhood. I had no concept about how to control it, how to change, or what I could possibly do. My fingers were constantly dry and the cracked skin on my fingertips really hurt. It's a gross and unattractive habit. It was frustrating, but it felt like a part of my being and fiber and I completely lacked the ability to control it.

The biggest problem for me was the way that nail biting affected my image. As a professional in the business world, maintaining hygiene is important particularly when you are in a business where people are looking to you as a trusted advisor and confidant. Biting your nails is the universal sign of nervousness and nobody wants to put their trust in someone who looks anxious.

I've tried to overcome the problem by wearing gloves and putting nasty stuff on my fingers. Many years ago, even wore a chewable item around my neck as a substitute. I tried chewing gum, smoking, eating, and chewing pens in lieu of nail biting. Unfortunately, at some point, I would end up in a position where I wasn't surrounded by other things to chew, so I just continued to go back to biting my nails.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on google and decided to call. I noticed results immediately in the first week after my appointment. I was able to recognize the pattern of behavior consciously and acknowledge and begin to deal with it instead of unconsciously biting my nails. I've noticed an improvement in the health of my cuticles and hands and I'm definitely feeling more relaxed now. I am better at putting myself in a state of relaxation and have less anxiety overall.

This process requires effort and relies on me making the commitment, but I am now consciously aware of what I'm doing and developing the awareness has been an important step to getting control. Understanding the behaviors or issues that motivate nail biting has also helped a lot. I'm able to think about what is happening in my life and I have realized that nail biting is very specifically tied to certain emotions and issues. The final step in the process has been developing the ability to stop biting my nails and being able to intervene when it happens.

I feel more confident in public because I have better hygiene. My nails are in better shape and my fingers feel better. Along with the direct impact of solving the nail biting problem there have also been a number of ancillary benefits that I had not anticipated. Developing a relationship with Laura has been a great benefit because she is a confidante and counselor as well as a hypnotherapist.

When I first came in, I imagined that it was going to be like stage hypnosis and I would learn to substitute behaviors, but it has turned out to be much more beneficial. This has been more about identifying root causes instead of just addressing the symptom. The ability to relax and calm down in my daily routine has also been a tremendous benefit for me.

I would say to anyone who is apprehensive about hypnosis that this is a trust exercise that is no different from confiding in a friend or putting your finances in the hands of an advisor. Laura is an imminently trustworthy person and the process itself has value. There should be no apprehension about utilizing this type of service.

I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome nail biting because it works and the overall experience of working with Laura has had benefits on a number of different levels. I think it's a great process for anyone who is dealing with the same issue. I now have control over a behavior that I previously didn't feel in control of and that gives me a sense of empowerment. I've entered a new chapter in my life and I am confident that I will not fall back into unconscious nail biting.