Procrastination: Bill


I've had problems with organizing and procrastination all of my life. I put off organizing things as long as possible and I didn't enjoy it when I did it. I felt anxious and impotent and desperate. I was drowning in boxes and papers and files and I couldn't ever find anything. I would wait until I was absolutely desperate to organize and once a year, I forced myself to clean up my office. I would spend several hours on the weekend going through it all and it wasn't fun. My lack of organization made me feel out of control. When I was drowning in paperwork, I couldn't find what I needed to do my job. I was at a particularly low point when I saw the flyer at Nau's Enfield Drug Store, so I decided to schedule an appointment.

After meeting with Laura, I noticed that I had more energy to get things done and I was more aware of my procrastination and I consciously fought it. I started making a To- Do list and checking things off each day. It's been a good tool for me. I started telling myself "No, don't wait, do it now" and it worked. I feel more in control now because I have a deeper understanding of the motivations inside of me that were making me not do the things that I should do.

The sessions have been really good tools. Laura helped me identify some of the underlying reasons that I didn't like to organize. She has a great understanding of the human psyche and she isn't just hypnotizing me, she has specific techniques that helped me get to the root causes of my procrastination. Her hypnosis sessions are based on an understanding of people's mindsets and I think it's very useful.

Through our work together, I realized that I didn't feel like I was worthy and thought of myself as a lazy person. Now that I recognize those underlying limitations, I can throw them out the window. I feel more confident and I know that I don't have to procrastinate anymore. I thought that I was just inherently lazy and now I know that it's not true.

It's been easy to change and stop myself from procrastinating. The tactics that I've learned to help me deal with this have been very helpful and I'm happier and more relaxed as a result. The most important benefit that I've received from my experience has been a better understanding of myself. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome procrastination and disorganization. I have the tools and the know-how to reach my goals and I've really appreciated these sessions and all the help that I've received.