Procrastination: Teresa

Austin, TX

I feel more relaxed in general. Hypnosis works on a subconscious level and takes the worrying, over thinking mind out of it, which is why I think that things have been easier for me. The reinforcement of the language during the sessions passively fills my mental buffer. Now when I go to do things that previously gave me a lot of anxiety. I find that it has really diminished. I have a better mind-body connection. I've also noticed that hypnosis has strengthened my yoga practice and really helped me to hear the instructions with my whole body instead of just my ears and my brain.

I feel a lot clearer on what I would call some formative early life issues that I have faced. I understand more of what went on and how I got to where I am today. This gives me a better insight of what has perpetuated through my procrastination. I feel more objective and detached about things, which has also helped my growth.

I've already recommended A New Day Hypnosis to several people that I know who tend to be in their heads a lot and find traditional therapy difficult because of their own rumination. I think hypnosis is a lot easier than going to a more direct therapist if you are someone who goes up into your head when you feel emotionally uncomfortable.

The hypnosis process helps me to short-circuit the ego-consciousness and work at a deeper level. I'm taking a voice class now. I think in the past I would have put it off, but I'm taking more risks as I move forward. I realize that these things are much more malleable than I previously thought. I am confident that the anxiety and procrastination are not necessarily character traits for me anymore.