Procrastination: Christina

HR & Singer/Songwriter
Austin, TX

I've suffered from a lack of motivation for most of my adult life, but it's been really building for the last eight years. I didn't know where to start and I didn't know where to look to get started. I am a perfectionist and I get overwhelmed, so I just didn't want to bother with trying anything that might be too difficult. Time was passing by me so fast and I was just staying in the same spot. I wasn't accomplishing anything or setting goals and I was procrastinating to the nth degree. I wasn't happy and it was spreading like a disease.

I tried exercising to feel happier, but I never stuck with it, so I wasn't that successful. When I read through self-help books, I had a negative attitude and thought 'Yeah right', never finishing any of them. I was completely unfulfilled and unhappy. I was a miserable person and I was digging my own grave because I was stuck in a routine and I was getting comfortable but wasn't happy about where I was. I felt out of control, it was almost like time had control of my life. Whatever was going to happen was just going to happen. I just existed instead of being alive. I wasn't pursuing aspirations wholeheartedly; I was just pointing and saying 'I want' I wish', but not doing anything.

I was eaten up by my insecurity and kept going into my little shell. I had a lot of options, but I couldn't pick something. I felt like a spinning compass and I didn't know what to do. I was on a downward spiral and I noticed that it was affecting the people around me and I knew I had to do something about it.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis on Citysearch. Hypnosis was something that really interested me and all the reviewers sounded excited, so I thought it might work. After the first session, I noticed immediately that I had a great night's sleep. I was just happier in general and had a lot more energy. People noticed that I had a more pleasant demeanor and commented on it.

This hasn't been very difficult. When it comes to hypnosis in general, a lot of people think that you would be under someone's control and hypnosis is going to change you, but really you are retraining your brain. It's all subconscious and every day I would notice more and more that the way I was processing things was different. In the past I would hold on to anger about things that annoyed me; now I can make a decision whether to hang on to the feelings or let them go. It has become a practice for me and I just keep doing it.

When I started working with Laura, a lot of things about me came to the table and it was almost like digging up a bunch of dirt, but instead of filling the hole up we planted flowers in it. I feel more in control now. Things are happening for me and the energy that I put out is coming back. I've been more aggressive towards my personal career goals and I'm taking risks. I know that since I am doing something people are coming to me and doors are opening because I'm putting myself out there. I'm moving forward instead of marinating in nothingness.

I feel more confident with the more risks that I take. I'm louder and I feel like I'm standing taller. The biggest benefit for me has been happiness. When I meet people they are very accepting of me. Even at my day job, I used to be negative, but now I'm rejecting the negative and that is having an influence on my coworkers. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants to overcome procrastination. I handle my stress differently and that's a huge health benefit for me.

I'm pointed in the right direction and it's like night and day now. I feel confident that I am free of my problem permanently because I can't stop moving. I feel like going back to the old way is not an option. Now I know how to get where I want to be. It's a huge tool that you can use to guide your life. You still have everyday problems, but you're going to approach them differently. It's very powerful and I love it. I know that I won't be going back to my old habits again because they're disappearing. Anything that's left of my old habits is being rejected by my conscious mind each day, more and more. It's interesting, enlightening & exciting to be aware of this change process as its happening.