Self-Confidence: Angela

Angela Dalo
Austin, TX

I've had trouble feeling confident and having to justify myself since childhood. I noticed that I had better control of myself right away. Realizing exactly what was wrong right away. I didn't feel confident telling people that I was leaving to exercise. I was very insecure and I wasn't able to make decisions that I wanted to make. I often felt out of control. I would realize after something had happened and look back on myself badly. I went to a conference recently and people were positively influenced. I'm not afraid to state my thoughts. If a thought comes to my mind, the sensation or feeling insecure. I can push the thought away and control it. I saw an ad on craigslist and saw the reviews. I still tend to share things with people, but in a way that I feel comfortable about. I gave students the freedom to talk to me however they wanted to.

I was a little concerned because I know it seems a little bit strange. I was afraid that I might become completely different.

I realized right away when something is wrong. The change shows in the way that I interact with people. I really notice that I can control my reactions. In many situations, although I may do something that I am not happy with, but I am more okay with myself anyway. I don't care as much as I used to about saying the right thing. I've noticed the difference. Most of my issues were coming from childhood and we were really able to go back and deal with them. Things that I was never aware of. I've always had a complex about my height. When you feel better about yourself, you have better communication and better responses from other people. I thought that being short was such a bad thing. I haven't been worrying about wearing heels all the time and I'm okay with that. It's very interesting. I'm saying no to certain things at work and speaking up. I'm not judging myself. I'm less emotional now. When an emotion comes, I am able to stop it, but I have the choice when I let it go. I'm doing very well. I'm aware when I'm teaching I have to deal with new situations. I notice a difference in the way that I react to students. I'm able to be more assertive with students. I realize that I am the boss and take more control in my classes. I'm more extroverted and confident and I don't feel bad about telling people when I don't think what they are doing is right. It's way better to be able to speak up and say what you think. I don't feel as afraid as I used to. With my family, I feel way better, I miss them without judging them. I realize that my Dad is the way that he is, but I'm not letting him influence my life the way that I used to.

I feel more confident because I'm getting a better response from people. I feel more grounded and I know what I want. I understand things about my behavior were coming from what I learned when I was very small. The choices that I was making every day were coming from something that I learned when I was very small. You can change things if you want to. I learned to understand my past. We touched something very painful for me, but it made me realize lots of things and how these things have affected my life. I really understood the attitudes and behaviors inside of me. the feeling of having to justify myself all the time. I do it less and less now. I notice that it comes from the fact that I had to justify myself as a child. I'm cleaning things out and that's the process. I would recommend A New Day Hypnosis to anyone who wants more confidence because it has helped me. I'm confident that I have more control and what I learned and I will continue to make progress. If I have some negative thoughts, I can replace it with something else. I'm able to not think about it.

In the past, I tried therapy, but I don't think that it went anywhere. We talked mostly about the present. We didn't capture anything hidden or talked much about the past.