Self-Confidence: J. W.

Austin, TX

I've had problems with a lack of confidence and limiting beliefs all of my life. I knew that I didn't have anyone to blame but myself and it was up to me to take the initiative and move forward, but I was hiding and there was a part of me that didn't want to give up the old habits. When I went back into the hair business, I was evolving in my ideas, but there were blocks that were keeping me from succeeding and I wasn't confident enough to go out and market my business. It had gotten to the point where I was broke and depending on family members to support me, which wasn't good.

I went to various counselors to help fix the problem and also tried positive affirmation writing. I've read all variations of self-help books, but with everything I did it always had a short term effect. I would feel some relief and move forward a little bit, but I couldn't stay with it for very long before I started reverting back to my old, negative habits. It was affecting me all around to the point that I was even making poor choices with my health.

I heard about A New Day Hypnosis when my mother did some research. I noticed right away that I was getting more clarity on different things. My mind started expanding on new ideas and I felt more confident to act on them. It's been very easy to change my behaviors and I don't have that old resistance to changing like I used to.

I get a lot accomplished before my work day begins and I feel more in control. I don't feel afraid anymore and for the first time ever, everything in my life is organized. My brain is clearer and more focused and I love waking up and thinking about new, innovative ways that I can get my business out there.

I have a greater sense of security in knowing that I can succeed. For the first time, I feel confident that I can be accountable to myself and there's nothing to hide anymore. I'm feeling so proud because I've finally tapped in to what I came here to do and I've gotten past the barriers that were keeping me from success. Hypnosis has allowed me to have the life that I want to live and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to overcome a block. Laura is a very calm soul; she's easy to talk to and gives great advice. Most of all, plain and simple, it's easy and it works. I'm confident that I'm free of my problem permanently because I'm not in a place of doubting anymore. I know what I want and I see my goal very clearly and vividly, so I know that I will have success.