Anxiety: Dawn

Dawn Bostad
Austin, TX

I originally came to see Laura for severe anxiety. I didn't want to leave the house, go do things, or talk to people anymore. The anxiety had been going on my whole life, but after a bicycle wreck, things had gotten really bad as I became more isolated. I was afraid of being rejected for who I was and I didn't even want to talk to the people that I knew. I felt that I could never be who I really was and I was afraid that people wouldn't want me around. I was so worried about fitting in that the anxiety ruled everything in my life: social situations, trying new things, career choices, everything. I couldn't be at home by myself without feeling nervous. I felt out of control of my emotions and I wouldn't be able to switch out of it. I would get anxious and start crying or stay home all day.

I tried acupuncture to help me with my anxiety. I felt relaxed and everything, but it didn't change my thought process or the things that I was telling myself. Yoga helped, I liked the physical part of it, but it didn't get to the real reason that I felt anxious, so it wasn't a good fit for me either. Counseling felt like too much talking about the same thing and I wasn't making the headway that I wanted to make.

I saw the sign outside of A New Day Hypnosis when I was having coffee next door and I decided to check it out online. I didn't think it would work because I hadn't known anyone who had done it. I had tried all these things and I didn't want to try anything else, especially if I didn't know if it was going to work. I talked to Laura on the phone and she said that she thought she could help me, so I felt like I would give it a try and see what happened.

I noticed immediately after my first session that I felt more relaxed. I wanted to go up to people and I was getting out more. I was engaging with other people and I felt a lot better. Something really just changed for me and I stopped being ruled by anxiety.

I have had some major life shifts, I'm happier and I have more energy now. I'm not scared of the day-to-day things anymore and I'm making changes in a healthy way. I am able to push myself because I have better control of my thoughts. Talking about stuff has helped, I'm figuring out what is really going on inside and that makes it easier for me to understand myself and my feelings.

I feel more in control now. I am starting to live my life the way that I want to live it and I feel more confident. I walk around with my head up and I feel okay with just being myself. The most important benefit for me has been less anxiety and getting closer to understanding my truth and living it. I am meeting more like-minded people and I'm finding that they like me for who I am and that has been huge for me.

I would recommend Laura's services because she is very compassionate and wise and she is good at getting to the point of things and finding out what is really going on. She is a strong woman, so she is a great role model. She's a great listener and she makes people feel comfortable.

My friends have noticed that I'm really confident and I'm able to be myself. I have tools and I know what I need to do. I trust my intuition and I'm not scared anymore, so I am taking risks. It helps me focus on what is really important to me. I am more in touch with what I really want to do, not what I think I am supposed to be doing.

Anxiety: Joan

Joan Hardy
Contract Planner
Elgin, TX

I've suffered from high levels of anxiety for years. As I have gotten older, there was some accumulated anxiety that was with me that I hadn't had the chance to think about it and then it seemed to appear when I retired. I was so anxious and nervous that I had come to the extreme point where I was just unable to do anything. I couldn't make decisions and stuff was piling up, which was making me feel more anxious.

I felt out of control. No matter what I planned to do, I couldn't take the first step to get things done. For the last three months, I noticed that I had a real tightness in my chest and no matter what I did, it wouldn't go away. It was there all day, every day and I just couldn't shake it.

I was so paralyzed by anxiety that whether it was making a phone call or planning for the next day, I just couldn't do it. I am trying to run a consulting firm and this was definitely not enabling me to help others to get their stuff done. I was so atrophied; I could not make a commitment to do anything. Whether it was going to a concert, helping at the Christmas parade, or going out to dinner, I felt like I couldn't commit to making plans. I was doing nothing with my time and just sat in my house feeling stuck.

I tried to get more sleep to lessen the anxiety, but I would wake up in the night and worry and be unable to go back to bed. I tried exercise, but because I was having a hard time making decisions I wasn't doing that very well either. I heard about A New Day Hypnosis from a flyer. I'd done hypnosis before to lose weight and increase concentration and it had worked pretty well, so I thought it might be helpful for the stress and I decided to schedule an appointment.

I noticed a change after the first session. I felt good because I was taking a positive step to fix my problem and I felt more relaxed. The tightness in my chest is completely gone now and Laura has given me some tools to remind me to start with smaller increments and get things going, which has certainly helped. I feel more in control and I can focus and come up with a plan.

I feel more confident. I've been getting out and doing more. I have made plans to be more involved with my friends and I am able to make commitments. My house is more organized, so I can finally have people over to visit. I've hosted several activities at my house and I am creating better relationships. It helps my self-esteem to interact with other people who appreciate what I bring to the table and my husband and I are going out as a couple again.

The most important benefit for me has been the fact that the anxiety has been lifted and with the focus, things are easier. I can keep the house clean because I've created places for stuff and gotten rid of the things that I don't need. The future isn't so terrifying anymore because I have a plan. I'm going out more and pursuing projects away from the house. I am making plans about where I want to go and what I want to do. I'm more helpful to my daughters because I'm not so anxious anymore. I'm able to be a sounding board and not someone who is dictating things, which has helped me in my relationships with my family.

I have recommended A New Day Hypnosis to friends who have problems with anxiety. In today's world, there is so much stuff thrown at you that it is important to take the time for yourself to figure out what you are doing. Hypnosis is an easier way to come in and understand the underlying problems and relax while you do it. Hypnosis has been the perfect way for me to deal with this issue and I am confident that my time has been well spent in coming here.